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10 Most Beautiful Places During Autumn in Japan

Beautiful Places During Autumn in Japan

Autumn is one of the best times when Travelers want to travel to Japan. The air, which gradually cools down but is not piercing, is perfect for travelers to do outdoor activities. In addition, enjoying the panoramic view of the fallen dry red leaves is an experience that should be remembered and immortalized. Well , for travelers planning to Japan in the fall, here are some recommended places to miss:

Kuil Konkai Komyo-ji

Kyoto offers a wide selection of tourist destinations to enjoy the beautiful fallen leaves in autumn. One of the best places is Komyo-ji Temple which is in the southwest of Kyoto. Located in Nagaokakyo City, Kyomyo-ji Temple is known as the Temple of Mapel Trees, because hundreds of maple trees thrive here, some even 100 years old. The path leading to the shrine’s gates, covered in reddish maple leaves, is a very charming sight, and is very well known for its frequent commercial use.

Kuil Kiyomizu-dera

One of the temples in Kyoto that is interesting to visit in autumn is the Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Located in the east of Tokyo, in the Higashiyama district, this shrine offers spectacular views of the illumination and shades of leaves. The landscape from the shrine veranda is one of the best in Japan, like a stretch of red sea along the way. However, Travelers must be prepared to prepare everything because this temple will be very crowded and full of tours

Minoh Waterfall (Minoo)

Serene, calm, and cool, no doubt Minoo Falls or Minoh as it is commonly called is one of the best areas to spend time in the Kansai region for autumn. This 33 meter high waterfall is a National Park complex in Minoh city, north of Osaka City. The pedestrian path is also convenient because it has been paved with blocks, approximately 40 minutes from the entrance area to get to the waterfall. Apart from waterfalls, Minho is a place with a variety of amazing natural scenery consisting of hills and mountains, temples, forests, and canyons.

Kuil Katsuo-ji, Osaka

Still in the same area as Minoo National Park, Katsuo-ji Temple which measures approximately 264,000 square meters is famous for giving good luck to various problems. This shrine filled with Daruma dolls, which are also considered to be good luck charms in Japan, provides one unmissable autumn view. Gradations of autumnal red, orange, yellow will decorate the entire shrine, especially the path to the main hall and Nikaido will appear like a charming terowogan of leaves.

Rikugien Garden

One of the most famous parks in Tokyo for enjoying the beauty of autumn foliage. Rikugien Park presents typical autumn lights and autumn illumination at night, which creates a very charming atmosphere. The lights reflected in the red and gold foliage in this garden further accentuate the elegance of the special colors of this lingering season. The stunning combination of layout, color, and lighting will make Travelers confident that the autumn experience in this park is something not to be missed.

Desa Shirakawa, Gifu

The uniqueness of this village which is located along the Shogawa River valley in the Gifu area and the Ryohaku mountain valley bordering Ishikawa prefecture is its distinctive and unique shape of the houses, they call it Gassho-zukuri. This village, and its neighbor, Gokayama are one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan. Apart from winter, spending time in autumn in this village will also provide a valuable experience that cannot be forgotten.

Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchiko

Traveling to Japan is incomplete if you don’t visit the mountain which is the country’s icon . In autumn, Travelers don’t forget to stop by to enjoy the atmosphere at Lake Kawaguchi at the foot of Mount Fuji, Yamanashi Prefecture. This lake offers a view of tunnels and corridors filled with fallen leaves typical of autumn, the rows of maple trees that dot the length of the canal are a panoramic view that must be witnessed.

Kenrokuen Garden

Kenrokuen Garden presents a different charm in each season. Every time the season changes, this garden, which is one of the three best gardens in Japan, will feel like a change of face. Located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, this park with an ancient design is made even more graceful with its orange-reddish-colored leaves, providing a pleasant atmosphere for a stroll. Nothing wrong with , Kenrokuen Park is a place to spend time in autumn.

Korankei Valley

It’s no secret that this valley, which is located east of Nagoya, Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, is the best spot to witness autumn in Japan. Even a festival to see autumn leaves is held annually at this place. There are thousands of mepel and gingko trees lining the streams and valleys, making autumn in this place one of the most beautiful and spectacular. Beauty that should be enjoyed and immortalized in camera shots, including the backdrop of the glowing red Taigetsukyo Bridge.

Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido

Daisetsuzan is the largest national park in Hokkaido. Covering an area of ​​226,000 hectares, this place is suitable for Travelers who like the outdoors, mountains and who love to climb. The highlight is that this region is the first place to experience the changing autumn leaves each year, with the brilliant golden colors that can be seen while hiking on Mount Asahidake and Kogen Onsen, making Daisetsuzan a great choice for enjoying autumn.