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10 Places to Enjoy Autumn in South Korea

Enjoy Autumn in South Korea

Autumn changes the landscape of South Korea dramatically. The fallen leaves with warm colors attract the eye and give off an undeniable romantic and chic impression. If Travelers have the opportunity to visit South Korea in autumn, here are places that tourists can refer to if they want to get a dazzling view of this burning season:

1. Nami Island

This island in the Chuncheon region, the capital of Gangwon Province, is gaining popularity after being the setting for the drama series Winter Sonata. Autumn paints a color that cannot be forgotten when Travelers visit Nami Island. The combination of red, gold, orange, and green leaves from the dense trees on this island will give a very beautiful and romantic nuance, making Travelers will not get bored walking there.

2. Gingko Tree Road Avenue

Located in Chungcheongnam-do, Asan, this place is a walking path that features rows of gingko trees, which will look very charming when autumn arrives. The fallen leaves that cover this place will make Travelers feel like walking on a carpet of golden yellow rugs. Bordering the Gokgyo river, it takes Travelers 2.5 hours to get here from the center of Seoul City.

3. Stone Walls of Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung Stone Wall Road is a 900 meter long road that runs along the stone walls of Deoksugung Palace. Located in Jeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, this area has many cultural sites from traditional buildings and various tourist attractions that add to the happiness of travelers’ vacation. Lined with rows of ginkgo trees, autumn is one of the most fitting times when you want to take a romantic walk in this place.

4. Naejangsan National Park

Even though it’s a bit difficult to reach, Naejangsan is one park that is always a reference if you want to enjoy the beauty of autumn. There are hundreds of trees that will enliven the vibrant fall of Travelers when visiting here. Due to the richness of the flora, at the end of October to early November this place will be packed with various tourists, both local and foreign. Located in Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do, Travelers must travel approximately 1.5 hours from Seoul to Naejangsan Park.

5. Seoraksan Mountain

When it comes to autumn, mountains and hills are an inevitable object, and one of the most popular of its views is Mount Seoraksan. The best place for Travelers who love natural beauty as well as adventure. There are plenty of trails suitable for hiking and panoramic views, and don’t forget to stop off at the following; Cheonbuldong Valley, Osaek Mineral Spring, and Baekdam Valley.

6. Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan is a mountain and national park located in Gyeonggi-do, north of Seoul City. One of the recommended places for travelers who like to climb. Famous for its beautiful natural scenery, autumn will beautify Bukhansan on every side with gradations of red leaves that spoil the eyes. The Travelers journey to the top will not be tiring.

7. Odaesan National Park

The beauty of autumn in the mountains and Odeasan National Park makes it one of the must-stop tourist destinations. Odaesan is the largest area of ​​natural forest in South Korea, home to a wide variety of local flora and fauna. Located in the central and eastern part of Gangwon-do, this place is very busy with tourists and travelers, especially during the peak of autumn in mid-October.

8. Seoul Olympic Park

Seoul Olympic Park can be an option if you want to take a leisurely walk enjoying the warm fall colors while spending free time. Located in the Songpa-gu district, making it easy to reach from anywhere. Travelers can do many things here with the various facilities available. There are three main sections; Cultural Art Park, Leisure Sports Park, and Environmental Park Browsing here will not be boring.

9. Namsan Mountain

Located north of the Han River, this tourist destination in Seoul cannot be missed when autumn arrives. Here, Travelers can witness the beauty of the metropolitan city of Seoul from another perspective. Apart from offering stunning natural scenery, there are also various interesting tourist objects to visit. Travelers can visit the Namsan Library, Namsan Botanical Garden, Goethe-Insitut Korea, to the very popular N Seoul Tower.

10. Damyang Metasequoia Road, Jeolla

The beauty of autumn in Jeolla Province is one of the tourist magnets in South Korea. If Travelers along National Road No. 15 to the Bamboo Museum, Travelers will find a path lined with lush exotic and charming trees, that place is Damyang Metasequioa, one of the best spots in South Jeolla to feel the romantic colors of autumn.