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10 Tourism Objects of Mount Bromo, When Do You Want to Come Here?

Mount Bromo

Who doesn’t know Mount Bromo ? One of the charms of Indonesian tourism is that it is the destination of choice for those who want to see the beauty of a mountain with its millionth beauty. The mountain, which is located in 4 regencies, namely Malang Regency, Lumajang Regency, Pasuruan Regency, and Probolinggo Regency, does indeed have a charm of beauty that cannot be doubted.

Even because of its beauty, the location of this mountain is never empty of visitors. Starting from local residents, out-of-town tourists, and even foreign tourists flocking to see first hand the beauty of this volcano. This mountain which has a height of 2,392 meters above sea level is besides being famous for its mountain charm, it turns out that there are several mainstay attractions that are favorite among tourists. What are they?

Mount Bromo Tourism Object

This mountain, which is located in the East Java region, is indeed so famous in the hearts of tourists. Besides being able to see the beauty of the sunrise or sunrise from the top of Bromo, it turns out that there are several other attractions that are no less interesting than the beauty of the sunrise that can be seen from the top of this mountain. Here are some popular tourist attractions on Mount Bromo and are options for tourists:

1. Penanjakan 1

Penanjakan 1 is the best location to watch the sunrise. This location is the highest among other hills. Here you can immediately witness the beauty of the sunrise in the early morning with the beauty of the valley which is still covered in fog. To be able to reach Penanjakan 1 hill, visitors can use vehicles such as jeeps and motorbikes. But for higher security, you should avoid using an automatic type motorbike because the terrain is quite heavy.

2. Climbing 2

Apart from climbing 1, there is the best place to watch the sunrise, namely climbing 2. Although the location is still less high than climbing 1, access to this place is much easier with lighter challenges. To get to Penanjakan 2, you can access it from Probolinggo Regency. Guaranteed even though it is the second alternative, this place offers a beauty that is not less than the climbing location 1 Bromo.

3. The crater

Besides watching the beauty of the sunrise, there is one more beauty that tourists are eagerly awaiting, namely the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo. Here you will be spoiled by the beauty of the Bromo crater which is so charming. However, to be able to see it at a closer distance, visitors must be willing to walk about 2 km from the parking area. Not to mention, there are still hundreds of steps that you have to conquer. But if you feel lazy to climb the steps here or feel insecure, you can choose to ride a horse while enjoying the beauty that surrounds it.

4. Whispering Sand

Before reaching the crater of Mount Bromo, You will be greeted with a wide stretch of sand. This stretch of sand is named as whispering sand. The area is quite wide, visitors can easily take the best spots to take pictures. Apart from that, in this sand you can also enjoy other activities, such as riding a trilike, horse riding, and many more. The location is to the east of the peak of Bromo.

5. Pura Luhur Poten

Still in the Bromo sand area, there is one of the best places you can visit, namely Pura Luhur Poten. The temple here is a place of worship for local residents who embrace Hinduism. No wonder when the Nyepi celebration arrives, this area is always enlivened by visits of local residents who wish to worship there. Usually the Bromo Tengger National Park area is also closed for the convenience of residents who want to carry out their worship at this temple.

6. Kingkong Hill Kingkong

Hill is one of the places that is often used to see the beauty of the sunrise at Bromo. The place is not far from climbing 1, the distance is about 2.5 km. Even though it is an alternative to see the sunrise, this place is so popular with tourists. So that to be able to see the beauty of the sunrise you have to be willing to jostle with other tourists who both want to see the beauty of the sunrise from this hill.

7. The Hill of Love

Love hills are a very popular place to visit. Here, besides being able to witness the beauty of the sunrise in the early morning, you can also spoil your eyes with the rows of hills that surround it. In the morning you can see the beauty of the valleys and hills that are still covered in clouds of mist. However, even though it is a little hot during the day, you can see the green mountains with rows of hills that look beautiful and enchanting. The location of this hill of love is still adjacent to the kingkong hill.

8. Bukit Teletabis Bromo

The name Bromo teletabis hill may already be familiar to you. Even this Bromo tourist attraction is a favorite place for tourists. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo with a row of green hills. this area is also the best photo spot. The hill is filled with very beautiful green grass. Even the grass here is so preserved that it looks so neat. So, when visiting the Bromo Tengger area, don’t miss visiting here.

9. Ngedas Village

After seeing the unique beauty of Mount Bromo with its rising sun, it doesn’t hurt to head to Ngedas Village. This village is a residential area for the original Tengger tribe. The location is in the Puncokusumo District area. Even though it looks like a village in general, when you come and mingle with the surrounding community, you will feel the traditions of the Tengger tribe which are still preserved until now.

Not only local tourists, but also many tourists from abroad who take the time to stop by this village. Most of them want to get to know the habits of the indigenous Tengger tribe who are still closely related to their traditions. In addition, this village also often holds traditional events that you can witness directly, such as horse riding, lumping horse attraction, bentengan, and many more.

10. Ngadisari Village

Apart from Ngedas Village, there is one more village that is no less interesting. This village, named Ngadisari, is almost the same as Ngedas Village, where its residents are the original descendants of the Tengger tribe. In this village, apart from being able to enjoy the traditions of the local people, you can also mingle directly with them. Don’t be afraid, residents in Ngadas and Ngadisari Villages are generally very friendly with foreign residents or tourists who come here on purpose.

Besides being able to get to know and mingle with them, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of this village. This village also provides several facilities such as lodging, restaurants, public toilets, and many more.

Now the charm of Bromo is not only famous for its beautiful sunrises. But there are several other objects that are a pity to miss. So when do you want to go to Bromo?