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13+ Lesser Known Traits of Mild Psychopaths

13+ Lesser Known Traits of Mild Psychopaths

Hearing the word psychopath for sure that comes to your mind the first time is the character of a serial killer and cold-blooded killer like you usually see in recent films .

However, it turns out that psychopathic characteristics are not always depicted like that and not all of them can be imaged in the film.

There are several attitudes that need to be aware of these characteristics. However, in the concept of personality, there are several attitudes that are identical to one another, which cannot be classified as a psychopath.

Meanwhile, to determine whether a person can be called a psychopath or not, it can only be done by a psychiatrist.

Robert Schug, PhD, who is a neurocriminologist and clinical psychologist in the field of biology and criminal thought, gave his opinion on the characteristics of psychopaths.

13 Traits of Mild Psychopaths You Need to Know About

These traits are common traits that describe a person worthy of being called a psychopath. What are they? Here’s the list.

1. Easily bored

Usually, a psychopath will experience a chronic boredom phase throughout his life. The first and most common hypothesis about this trait is that they do not have the stimulation point that other people experience to stay excited and fight boredom.

Schug says that psychopaths are used to doing what they call fun and on a continuous basis in order to be called normal.

On the other hand, Psychologist Randall Salekin, PhD explained that this assumption can mean that a psychopath may exist in a group or place where we often initiate fun-oriented activities.

2. Looks very attractive

One important aspect of psychopaths is their ability to attract the attention of others when interacting.

Psychopaths usually have a way of tricking others. Usually, they will appear as people who should be liked by those around them as much as possible.

In the book Snakes in Suits: When Psycophaths Go to Work written by Paul Babiak and Robert Here explains that a psychopath can easily choose important topics that can attract our sympathy and attention.

Sometimes the discussion is accompanied by enthusiasm and certain emotions. Psychopaths also have the ability to gather a number of people, often even at work or in prison.

3. Loves to lie

Unlike in the case of pathological liars who often lie without motivation or cause.

Sometimes in pathological cases they don’t need a reason to lie but in psychopathic cases they will lie with a specific purpose and tend to deceive and manipulate for that purpose.

“For example, trick other people into entering a device made by them or achieve a certain emotional connection,” said Schug.

This shows that a psychopath can get a promotion at work, build relationships and simultaneously control their partner.

4. Not realistic

In some cases, psychopaths will usually choose a lifestyle at a certain moment, rather than doing long-term planning of their life.

Even so, those plans are often unrealistic in the future. Meanwhile, psychopaths tend not to understand their own real life or the lifestyle they are living.

“Their targets are often far from the current situation,” Schug said, describing psychopathic traits such as being in prison in which they might say that they aspire to become an astronaut, ninja or an FBI agent.

5. Feeling superior to others

Usually, a psychopath tends to judge himself to be superior to other people around him. It makes them not care about the bad effects of every action they take.

Randal Salekin said, in the context of work, for example, a psychopath does not care about the team and rejects other people’s suggestions even though the advice is proven to be able to save him.

6. Empathy that arises and sinks

On the other hand, a psychopath has a sinking empathy so that he doesn’t care about other people around him, whether from a financial, social or personal point of view.

This will be due to their inability to feel other people’s emotions even their own emotions.

In 2013, a study that specifically studied the brain activity of various violent offenders from psychopaths found that there are certain areas of the brain that are associated with sharing suffering with others.

This part often sinks. So, other times they are very empathetic but at other times they are manipulative and dangerous.

7. Irritable

Psychopaths are individuals who have a high sense of anger, regardless of who and under any circumstances. Not only physical, a psychopath can also perform verbal aggression in a row in a state of anger.

Meanwhile, outside of relationships, they are often angry and get into heated arguments with those around them.

8. Random intercourse

Usually, a psychopath also has an attractive and unsuspecting appearance in front of the victim. This enables them to lure potential victims to bed.

But not interested in commitment to fostering further relationships. For psychopaths, sex is not just about relationships with other people but about the ego.

9. Implusif and irresponsible

This can be seen from some that are easily identified, such as having a relationship with risk, having an easy affair, acting reckless with finances and also often engaging in illegal activities.

10. A complicated childhood

Usually, a psychopath has a complicated past that impacts his character and personality. This could be due to problems he had as a child.

This is revealed from a study conducted by The British Journal of Psychiatry which states that psychopathic behavior is quite specific and tends to lead to past activities to adulthood.

11. Behave like a criminal

Some psychopaths, such as those depicted in these films, are often associated with crime, even in the form of a white collar crime . What this means is that they tend to manipulate things rather than create physical pain.

But unlike most criminals who commit acts such as drug addiction and violence against children and women, psychopaths are outside of these activities and unpredictable.

12. Unpredictable

Over time, psychopathic personalities are unpredictable and unpredictable. This usually depends on the situation and the benefits it gets.

For example, in a work situation, they can suddenly change from coworkers to very cold and unfamiliar people.

This was conveyed by Aul Babiak and Robert Hare in their book, Snake in Suits: When Psychophats Go to Work.

13. Behavioral patterns

Although it’s hard to guess, psychopaths have the same patterns and behaviors that happen all the time. This is because their personalities are often disturbed.

Schug explained that this personality can be seen in the workplace, school, family and their partners, whether they are teenagers, young people or adults.

Even though they are labeled a psychopath, for the most part we can hardly see it from the attitudes like him above because to show evidence of a psychopath can only be done by a psychologist or it is just a momentary emotion.


You can easily find the mild psychopathic characteristics above in society, whether it’s friends, family or other people.

In fact, furthermore, these traits may be you in yourself, whether you are aware of it or not.

So, the article about 13 mild psychopathic traits that you should know. Hopefully this article can be useful for you ~