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4 Important Factors to Consider Before Hiring SEO Services


Are you currently looking to hire SEO services for your site? Wait a minute, you shouldn’t just choose an SEO company to optimize your business website. As a consumer, you also have to be careful with SEO services because not all of them can provide good service.

Indeed, more and more companies that used to focus on offline have finally decided to target the online market. One example that we can see is Matahari, which has launched their e-commerce platform, Mataharimall.com. Likewise, other small business people, who end up creating an online shop site or blog for their business.

However, creating blogs and websites for businesses will not automatically help business growth because these sites must have traffic from various sources. One of the best sources of traffic on the internet is search engines because usually traffic from search engines is potential customers who are ready to buy goods. To get traffic from search engines, you must understand SEO (search engine optimization) .

If we have talked about search engines and SEO, we will remember Google, this search engine is very dynamic and updates regularly. With good SEO techniques, even a new business site can enter the main Google page. Therefore, when you want to hire an SEO service, you should be careful.

Before you hire an SEO company to optimize your site, pay attention to the following factors that you should consider.

1. Hiring an SEO Service Company Look First Experience

The experience of an SEO service company is very influential on the final result of your site’s SEO campaign. Therefore, pay attention to how long it has been an SEO company and which clients have worked with the company.

Not infrequently we find SEO service companies that offer their services using Google Adwords ads. In my opinion, this is not wrong, but if you want to get the services of the best SEO company, you should choose an SEO service whose site is well optimized and is in the organic search results on Google.

There is nothing wrong if you ask around before deciding to hire SEO services. Ask simple questions, such as “How many years have you been in this business and how many clients have you served?”

2. Ask the Optimization Process Before Hiring SEO Services

You need to know how an SEO service company that you are going to hire performs optimization. Never try SEO services that use black hat strategies (strategies that are prohibited by Google). This prohibited strategy still exists today, for example; keyword stuffing, cloacking, massive backlinks, and so on.

Maybe you are a layman on this issue, it would be wise if you consult with people who understand a little about SEO strategies. Or if possible, a good SEO service company usually wants to explain to their prospective clients.

Ask simple questions regarding the SEO process that the SEO company you are evaluating is going to do, for example “What process do you do to optimize my site and how do I get backlinks to my site?”.

3. Pay attention to the reputation of the SEO service company

Use SEO services only from reputable companies. It is not only about the position of the SEO service company website on Google, but the overall way the company works on the reputation of other people’s business through search engine optimization.

There are many ways that we can do to find out the reputation of an SEO service, one of which is to ask the client of the SEO service company. Or you can also ask open-ended questions through several online media, for example on the Ads.id Forum, on Facebook, and so on.

Testimonials from other users are a valuable reference, but we know that not all testimonials are from real users. Be careful with fake testimonials, because now there are also testimonial services.

Some things you need to do to check the reputation of an SEO service company:

  • Pay attention to their site’s position on Google for these keywords: “SEO Services”, “SEO Services Companies”, “Professional SEO Services”
  • Investigate any clients who have worked with them, maybe you can ask about the client’s experience

4. Be careful with guarantees from SEO services

There are several SEO service companies that provide a # 1 rank guarantee to their prospective clients. In fact, no one can guarantee that a site can appear in the # 1 position of Google’s organic search results. The position is a reward for sites whose content is relevant to keywords, and is well optimized.

In addition, every keyword on Google must have a competing site and they also do optimization for these keywords. If you want to hire SEO services, you should avoid SEO companies that guarantee positions # 1, # 2, and # 3, because they are likely to use all means even prohibited methods. This can be bad for your business site in the long run.

Then, what can we expect from SEO services?

It would be wise if an SEO service company guarantees your site can enter on the first page, but the ranking position can change at any time because Google is always updating.

Questions you can ask the SEO company you are evaluating: “Do you guarantee my site can reach the first page?”.


Maybe the four steps above seem inconvenient, but it’s important for the long-term sustainability of your business site on Google. In my opinion, you need to evaluate several SEO service companies that will be hired.

Compare the answers of all these SEO services by asking simple questions like the ones above, you will definitely find the right SEO service company for your business site. Good luck!