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5 Criteria for laptops that are suitable for traveling


5 Criteria for Laptops That Are Suitable For Traveling | As a part-time traveler who always writes travel stories on free blogs while traveling, there are always powerful items that are brought, one of which is a laptop.

For me personally, laptops are just as important as sleeping beds , cameras or smartphones . These three items always accompany me wherever I go, even though I have to sacrifice a lot of space and weight just to carry the items above which are certainly quite heavy.

That has not been added with other additional equipment such as clothes, bags, shoes, deodorant, toothbrushes and so on.

Like I did last 2019. At that time I decided to travel to various places in Eastern Indonesia.

Travel path

Starting from Poopo Village, North Sulawesi, which is stored on the ground above the clouds, to the Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku with the refreshing Hawang Cave tourist spot then taking a shortcut to West Southeast Maluku, returning to Ambon taking the sea route to Jeneponto in South Sulawesi, then leaving for the island Togean at Tojo Una-Una and finally at Lake Tendetung in Banggai Islands Regency.

In essence, the laptop keeps me consistent word-for-word on the way that will form sentences and paragraphs to write and post on traveler sites who are willing to pay a few dollars to help pay for my trip.

Likewise, when the camera that I am carrying is full of memory, I can move my photo collection to my laptop. For me, any documentation is never complete without words.

Images produce objective maps while words produce subjective meanings. When these two things come together the whole world understands that there are many places in the corner of the world with incomparable beauty.

The whole trip took more than 2 months. Most of my time was spent on the trip because for the most part I relied on the sea route using PELNI ships.

Being a traveler is fun but even more fun when accompanied by a dream laptop. A laptop that will be my friend when I am tired, entertainment when there is no one to talk to and also the media that always connects me with the outside world.

Regarding criteria, of course all travelers agree on what laptop criteria are suitable for travel. Of course, this criterion places great emphasis on travel efficiency. So, what are the suitable travel laptop criteria according to me and other travelers? This is the answer.

5 criteria for laptops that are suitable for traveling

There are several things you need to consider if you want to choose a laptop that is suitable for traveling, including:

1. Size and weight

As a traveler, size and weight are the two most important aspects to think about when traveling. A computer with a weight like a brick is not efficient at all and too heavy but if the laptop is slim, small and thin it will certainly be efficient and useful.

2. Price

This is clearly a major consideration for most travelers. Unless you already have an old laptop, you don’t need to think about buying a new laptop.

Many travelers have problems with the price of buying a laptop that is suitable for a traveler, so often low prices are sometimes the choice.

3. Battery

An old laptop from 1999 probably won’t last 15 seconds of battery life. Does this help your journey for days, weeks to months. Isn’t that right? Battery life is a major consideration when it comes to carrying a laptop around.

4. Specifications

Speed, memory, hard drives USB ports , graphics, DVD / CD drives and so on. Choosing a laptop that is suitable for a traveler must have these specifications so that your trip is more complete.

5. Security

This usually depends on where you want to go. It is important for you to know that foreigners are often the target of theft. Can you anticipate this? If your laptop is purchased at a high price, of course it is difficult.

Because you spend most of your mind keeping your laptop safe from thieves, not exposed to direct sunlight, not falling and so on.

You have to be willing to sacrifice more space to keep your laptop safe and durable. Getting a less special and expensive laptop is a smart choice.  So that is the article about the criteria for a laptop that is suitable for traveling. Hopefully this is useful ~