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6 Investment Tips for Students that Can Be Done with Ease


If you are still confused, check out some of the following investment tips for students.

Studying investing can be done at any time, even if you are still a student. The student age is the most suitable age to study various investment options. The reason is, at this age, students do not have many dependents ranging from school fees, kpr installments, or are not married. 

Furthermore, college is the right time to learn to analyze investments and learn which type of investment is right for you. There are various types of investment available, but you must first understand the types of investments that are available and which are suitable for students. If you are still confused, consider the following investment tips for students:

Watch your cash flow

The first investment tip for college students is to pay attention to your cash flow. Are you financially able to invest? If you can’t afford it financially it’s useless to understand investing. You can do financial records in advance for one to two months. After that, check whether you can still set aside your pocket money to invest. 

If you can still set aside money to invest, then study investments that fit the student budget. The minimum money required for investment is also reachable, namely 10 USD for mutual funds.

Determine your goals

After you make sure your financial ability is sufficient, the next investment tips you can do is determine your investment goals. This goal clarifies the reasons why you are setting aside money each month to invest. 

If you have goals such as buying a car at 25 years old, buying a house at 28 years old, or collecting USD 100 million at 29 years old for marriage expenses, with a clear goal, of course it will spur you to invest and be more enthusiastic. .

Do a Survey

After you have determined your goals, the next investment tip you can do is to do a survey. It’s a good idea to do a survey and collect various kinds of information about investing. Each investment product has different advantages and risks. If you choose to study investing, it’s a good idea to study the types of investments that have the lowest risk.

Once you understand low-risk investing, you can start learning the higher types of investment. You can learn from social media, blogs, and Youtube to get information about investing. 

Choose the type of investment according to your financial conditions

After doing the 3 tips above, it’s a good idea to choose an investment product that suits your financial condition. After you get enough information about various investment products, make sure you choose an investment product that fits your pocket. Not all investment products are compatible with student finances.

For students, you can try money market mutual funds and bonds as a type of investment that has a low risk.

Believe in the Process

One investment tip for students is to believe in the process. The investment process does require a certain period of time to be able to generate profits. In the course of your investment, you will experience ups and downs and this is a natural thing. Some examples of falling stock values, P2P defaults, and others. It is better if you learn every failure and obstacle that exists from the investment process.

Don’t Be Easy to Follow the Trend

One investment tip that has proven to be effective is not to easily follow existing trends. Investment trends vary, from property investment to stock investment to mutual fund investment. You should not follow the trends of people choosing types of investment products without having any knowledge or understanding of these trends. If you just follow the trends, you may not be successful in investing.