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7 Best Make Over Lipsticks: Complete Color Variants & Affordable Prices


The Best Make Over Lipstick – Lipstick is one of the makeup that is often used by women to perfect make up . A charming and long-lasting color is the key when buying lipstick. Many brands in Indonesia produce lipsticks with quality formulas, one of the most popular is Make Over .

Make Over is a local brand produced and developed by PT. Paragon Technology and Innovation with the characteristic of elegant black packaging. Lipstick Make Over has several series, such as Ultra Matte Lipstick, Matte Lipcream, Powerstay Transferproof to the newest, Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip.

This local brand has many varied shades of lipstick , you can adjust it to your skin type or color you like. No need to worry about fading quickly, Make Over lipstick is proven to have a long-lasting lipstick formula and a light texture.

Best Make Over Lipstick

Varied colors and different textures often make us indecisive when choosing lipstick. In addition, the form of lipstick that sticks, cream, to crayon is also a consideration. However, now there’s no need to be confused , let’s take a look at the following Make Over lipsticks!

1. Intense Matte Lip Cream Shade Vanity

ipstick Intense Matte Lip Cream is a lipstick of a million Make Over people who are in great demand by Make Over lovers. This liquid lipstick has a revolutionary formula that is creamy and long-lasting with a pigmented matte color , so it gives a full coverage finish , and is light on the lips.

Contains vitamin C and vitamin E as antioxidants, you don’t have to worry about your lips becoming dry. Shade Vanity is a favorite because it has a rather light nude pink color . For those of you who have slightly dark lips, this Vanity shade is suitable for use to make it look more natural.

2. Color Stick Matte Crayon Shade Blake

The quality of Make Over can’t be doubted, this Color Stick Matte Crayon is long lasting and doesn’t dry out your lips. The practical applicator can make this lipstick be used in any condition, including without looking at the glass.

Shade Blake has a slightly brownish peach color which is suitable for tan skin. This Color Stick Matte Crayon is very pigmented and not patchy at all. In addition, this lipstick can also be used as a base to be mixed with a red or darker lipstick color. The price of this matte lipstick is quite affordable, highly recommended for you!

3. Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip Shade Admire

Make Over Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip is a matte lip cream that has Deep Hydrating Actives to provide hydration and is able to disguise and smooth the appearance of dry lips.

The texture of this velvet lipstick can give a matte finish and is quite smooth even on chapped lips. In addition, this lipstick also has a soft and light texture on the lips.

Shade Admire has a brownish red color with a slightly peachy hint This muted color is perfect for everyday wear. However, Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip does not yet have transferproof so it can leave marks when you drink or eat.

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4. Powerstay Transferproof Matte Lip Cream Shade Fired Up

Are you looking for long lasting lipstick without the need for touch ups? Lipstick Make Over Powerstay Transferproof Matte Lip Cream is the answer. This lightweight lipstick is claimed to last up to 14 hours. With 3D-PigmentLock Technology, this lipstick has a transferproof formula that lasts long while doing many activities.

With a color that is like a bold maroon, the shade Fired Up has a beautiful color and is suitable for all skin types. The pigmentation of this lipstick is very good and it doesn’t take long for it to set. 

When you use it thinly, this lipstick will look redder, but if you use it a lot, the lip color will turn into a very charming maroon like a lady boss!

5. Cliquematte Lip Stylo Shade Hollywood

Make Over Cliquematte Lip Stylo shade Hollywood is a lipstick with a light matte finish . This lipstick is enriched with Vitamin E so it won’t dry out your lips.

Packaged in the form of a Stylish Click-Pen, this lipstick can be applied easily, and hygienically. The stick in the lipstick doesn’t break easily. This nude color is suitable for tan skin to make it look more fresh and natural.

This lipstick has a unique packaging like a pen, to use it we need to click on the end of the lipstick until it comes out. Its sleek and elegant shape makes this lipstick easy to carry everywhere.

6. Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick Shade Champagne Rose

This lipstick has six different shades . However, Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick Shade Champagne Rose has a slightly coral pink color with a matte texture that looks charming. Make Over claims this lipstick can last up to eight hours with a single touch. The content of vitamin E and jojoba oil will keep lips soft without worrying about dry lips.

Having good coverage , this lipstick is easy to apply and pigmented. In addition, this lipstick also smells good and has a soft texture.

7. Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip Shade Real

Having a soft and light texture, this matte lip cream is comfortable for everyday wear. The content of Deep Hydrating Actives will also hydrate the lips and be able to disguise and smooth the appearance of dry lips.

Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip Shade Real Lipstick is a fairly new product, but this lipstick has a beautiful bold red color . This Make Over Lipstick color will make you look like a retro 70s kid with a charming red color. The color of this lipstick is darker than shade admirer.

For you lovers of bold lipstick , you must try this lipstick!