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Acer Swift 5 Ultrabook Air, Cool Performance with a Thin Design


Prices and Specifications for Acer Swift 5 Ultrabook Air. Intel Core i5-8265U. 8 GB RAM. 14 ″ HD. 256 GB SSD. Intel UHD Graphics. Nowadays, everyone is required to be able to work quickly and accurately. However, the time is quite short and efficient. Of course, when you work in administration or maybe as a tech-savvy person like a video editor, designer or anything related to laptops, you should have adequate combat tools too.

In this case, the combat tool is a laptop. You need a laptop that is easy to carry anywhere with good quality. Well, the Acer Swift 5 Ultrabook Air – SF514-53T is the answer. The performance of the Acer Swift 5 Ultrabook Air – SF514-53T is perfect for those of you who are super busy with a high level of mobility.

You can work anywhere, whenever you want if you have an Acer Swift 5 laptop. Its light weight, thin design makes it even more comfortable to use it. Intrigued by the review? Let’s take a look at the following laptop reviews .

Acer Swift 5 Laptop Specifications

Processor:Intel Core i5-8265U Quad-core processor 1.80 GHz
Memory:8 GB LPDDR4 RAM
Operating System:Windows 10 Home
Display:14 Full HD Touchscreen (1920 x 1080) 16: 9 In-plane Switching (IPS-Pro) Technology, CineCrystal
Graphic:Intel UHD Graphics 620 with Shared Memory
Storage:256 GB SSD
Optical Drive:no
Keyboard:Ciclet keyboard
Card Reader:Multi-format card reader (SDXC / SD / SDHC)
WebCam:Web Camera
Networking:Wireless LAN Standard
Interface:1 x USB 3.0
2 x USB 2.0
1 x HDMI
1 x LAN
1 x VGA
Audio: Built-in Stereo Speakers Microphone
Battery:4 Cells Lithium Ion Battery 2800mAh
Power Adapter:Output:
45 W
Dimensions:30 x 343 x 248 mm
Weight:2.1 Kg

Acer Swift 5 laptop performance

Prices and specifications for acer swift 5

Using a flagship processor, namely the Intel Core i5-8265U with speeds between 1.80 to 3.90 GHz. Coupled with 8 GB of RAM, it makes you more comfortable using this laptop, you will be faster at doing tasks and other tasks in multitasking.

This laptop also uses the Windows 10 Home operating system, so you don’t need to worry about falling behind the trend. It seems that you will be able to do your activities more comfortably using this laptop, whether it’s processing data, editing videos, playing games, or watching movies, you can do everything easily. Of course with a quality laptop like this, you have to be prepared with the money you need to spend.

There is no doubt about the battery performance. The Acer Swift 5 laptop can last up to 8 hours. You don’t need to worry about the reduced speed, even when your Intel processor increases it to 3.9 GHz the battery will still be durable and can last a long time.

Even though it only has one fan at the bottom of the laptop, the laptop is supported by good cooling technology so that this fan can function very well and is able to suck out hot air without problems even though it is used for hours.

It has cool audio, so it can make you even more excited while doing assignments and bring back your previously worn mood. With qualified audio, it makes it easier for you when doing online meetings, or video calls with other friends.

Design and Appearance

Prices and specifications for acer swift 5

In addition to an attractive design and appearance to use, the Acer Swift 5 is also supported by a cool display. The screen measures 14 inches with touch screen technology. The screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and combined with Acer Color Intelligence displays perfect colors that are sharper, wider, and also clearer.

You will be greatly helped by the quality of the display when processing content in the form of images or videos. The results are very good and will not make you regret it. In addition, you will also be more comfortable when playing games.

The design is light, thin, stylish but strong, this is perfect for taking it wherever and whenever you need it. Has a thickness of less than 15 mm. So, you will not bother carrying it and it takes up less space in your bag. Using this magnesium-lithium full metal material is what makes the Acer Swift 5 laptop very strong but still light. Even the weight is only 990 grams, less than 1 kg.

Prices and Specifications Acer Swift 5 is deliberately designed to facilitate your work, so that the keyboard display has a button with a perfect layout and is also smooth so that you will feel comfortable even if you type for a long time.

In addition, the keyboard is also equipped with a white LED backlit so you will have no trouble typing in dark or low light conditions. You also don’t need to worry because the trackpad is very comfortable made of good quality material.

This laptop is also equipped with a high security sensor, namely a fingerprint sensor at login. So, what else is there? This sophisticated and complete laptop is ready to accompany your days.


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