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After Indonesia, Microsoft invests USD 1 billion to build a data center in Malaysia

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Microsoft has reportedly signed a partnership with the Malaysian government to build its first data center in a neighboring country. The investment value for this project is estimated at USD 1 billion or around IDR 14.5 trillion (estimated exchange rate of USD 1 = IDR 14,500)
Quoted from Nikkei Asia,  Friday (23/4/2021) the news was conveyed directly by the Prime Minister of Malaysia through his official statement. The project, named ‘Bersama Malaysia’, will be the company’s most significant move after 28 years of operation in Malaysia.
“This significant investment from Microsoft further strengthens Malaysia’s position as a potential regional data center and we are always ready to welcome more partners as we work with stakeholders to continue to improve Malaysia’s value proposition in this big data space,” said Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on his website. official Microsoft.
This collaboration includes not only a data center development plan, but also the company’s target to train 1 million Malaysians in the digital business field.
This includes forming the MyDigital Alliance Leadership Council, the company’s collaboration with the government in recommending several cloud-fist and digital-native based policies.
Microsoft also claims that the investment can help contribute to new revenue for the country of up to USD 4.6 billion or around Rp.66.7 trillion. This includes helping to create 19 thousand new jobs, either directly or indirectly. 
Microsoft’s investment value will be the largest, after the Malaysian government previously allowed Amazon, Google and local telecommunications company Telekom Malaysia to build data centers and cloud computing services.
This cooperation will be a turning point for Malaysia’s investment climate, which during the 2020 pandemic the value of the country’s foreign direct investment (FDI) fell by 68 percent. This performance is the worst compared to other Southeast Asian countries.
Amidst the current investment drag season, Malaysia is trying to maintain itself as an investment destination. Malayisa’s finance minister, recently said she was looking for incentives to help attract more FDI.
It is said, the investment value of this cloud service provider is estimated to reach tens of trillions. USD 2.91 billion to USD 3.64 billion or around IDR 42.1 trillion to IDR 52.7 trillion over the next five years.
Prior to Malaysia, the collaboration for the construction of a data center had already been carried out by Microsoft with Indonesia. This plan was announced by the company via its official website on February 25, and the project will be launched under the name “Empowering Indonesia’s Digital Economy”.
In his statement, the company claimed that this project could help increase state revenue up to USD 6.3 billion or more than Rp. 91 trillion. Including contributing 60 thousand new jobs over the next four years.
In addition, Microsoft also promised to help the Indonesian government achieve a target of 24 million people, who are able to compete in the new climate of digital business by the end of this year.
“Microsoft has a long-term commitment to Indonesia’s growth. Today’s announcement is our most important investment in our 26 years of being here. “Said Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations at Micrisoft Global.