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Can You Exercise, After Vaccines? These are 4 things to consider

Can You Exercise, After Vaccines?

Sports and the COVID-19 vaccine have the same goal, both are efforts to maintain health. After the vaccine, can you do sports , or are there certain restrictions?

The COVID-19 vaccine is a relatively new product, there are many things that are still being researched. Including the effect in the body after injection.

The various possible side effects and post-immunization side events (AEFI) have indeed been studied through clinical trials at the development stage. When a vaccine can be used, it means that the safety factor has been considered.

So, can you do sports after the vaccine ? Here are a few things to consider.

1. Observation

Technical guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination require vaccine recipients to wait 30 minutes before leaving the vaccination site. Likewise, officers must monitor various possible AEFIs that appear within the 30 minutes.

So even if you want to exercise immediately after the vaccine, you should wait after completing the observation.

2. Any possible side effects?

Some minor complaints are generally considered normal if they arise after vaccination. Among them are fatigue, headache, muscle aches, maybe even a slight fever. These complaints can appear in 1-2 days.

“This common side effect is a sign the immune system is responding to vaccines,” said David Wyles, MD, an infectious disease expert from Denver Health, quoted from Health.

According to Dr. David, the various complaints generally disappear quickly and do not really interfere with daily activities. Including sports.

3. Not immune immediately

Apart from the side effects, what must also be considered is the matter of the COVID-19 prevention protocol. One of the off-guard points of transmission is when exercising together, followed by gathering.

It is important to remember, vaccines do not provide immunity as soon as they are injected. Therefore, wearing a mask and keeping your distance is still an obligation.

4. So, can you exercise after the vaccine ?

As long as there are no serious complaints, and after 30 minutes of observation, there are no restrictions on doing normal activities.

“I don’t think there’s any harm to exercise after getting the vaccine,” said Dr. David.

Even some minor complaints after the vaccine do not need to be a reason to prohibit exercise after the vaccine. There is no evidence that exercise after the vaccine will reduce effectiveness.

But Dr. David warns of a general rule when exercising: listen to your own body ! If you feel uncomfortable, then ‘ rest ‘ or rest is part of programmed exercise.