Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle from Doctors

7 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle from Doctors

Along with their duty to serve in the health sector for the wider community, doctors actually also have their own routine task, namely maintaining...
Side Effects vitamin C injections

Side Effects and Risks of Vitamin C Injections That Can Occur

As one of the important nutrients in the human body, it turns out that vitamin C can be obtained not only through food, but...
vitamin C for your body

Not only prevents colds, these are 9 benefits of vitamin C for your body

When the flu strikes, consumption of vitamin C supplements is often the first choice to increase endurance . Vitamin C can indeed be relied...
Get Rid of Stress

13 Unique and Simple Things to Get Rid of Stress

Stress is never out of your life. Starting from problems at work, fighting with friends, household problems, to the bills that you have to...
easy to forget

It’s easy to forget, let’s follow this way to reduce forgetfulness

Forgotten. Everybody will need to have skilled this. Being forgetful can typically result in frustration as a result of it impacts life.However truly this forgetfulness may...

6 Best Natural Ways to Overcome Stomach Bloating

Everyone will occasionally feel bloated , but still no one likes it. To get rid of the bloating that is driving you to pass...
Healthy Sleep Tips

Healthy Sleep Tips

It’s well-established that sleep is crucial to our physical and mental well being. However regardless of its significance, a troubling share of individuals discover...
Death Cases Due to Covid Around the World

Death Cases Due to Covid Around the World Translucent 3 Million People

The number of victims who died from Covid-19 around the world exceeded 3 million people on Saturday (17/4/2021), according to data from Johns Hopkins...
Can You Exercise, After Vaccines?

Can You Exercise, After Vaccines? These are 4 things to consider

Sports and the COVID-19 vaccine have the same goal, both are efforts to maintain health. After the vaccine, can you do sports , or are there...
Eating Chocolate Can Lose Weight

Instead of Making Fat, Eating Chocolate Can Lose Weight. How come?

Chocolate is one of the mortal enemies of people who are on a diet. The reason is, many people believe that chocolate can make...

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