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Causes of Blog / Website Ranking to Drop Suddenly on Google’s SERP

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Have your blog or website experienced a drastic drop in SERP position? One of my blogs that speak English has experienced this, and made my blog traffic ‘freefall’ aka drop.

For a blogger or someone who works as an internet marketer , suddenly losing traffic from search engines is something that is very annoying, if I call it a disaster.

Why do I say disaster?

Just like offline stores around us. When traffic / visitors who come to the shop suddenly no longer exist for some reason, say the bridge to the shop is badly damaged, of course the shop will be quiet and there will be no sales.

If this happens for a long time, the shop will definitely go bankrupt and go out of business.

For an online businessman or an online business, traffic from the Google search engine is something very valuable.

When their website is on the main page of Google search results, the traffic coming to the website will be abundant.

Also, the conversion of traffic from Google to sales is usually very good.

Imagine if all that potential traffic lost a lot in the shortest possible time, it must be sad.

Then, what is the cause of the sudden drop in the ranking of your blog or website on Google? Interesting to discuss.

Causes of Sudden Drop in Website Ranking on Google

There are several things that cause our blog or website to suddenly drop in the Google SERP position. Based on my experience, here are some of the causes:

1. Changes to the Google Algorithm

Google cares deeply about their search results. This can be seen from the Google algorithm that has always changed or been updated over the years.

In the past, ‘robot / automatic’ sites often got good positions on Google, now many of these sites are missing from their search engine. Google prefers sites that have original and up to date content .

If we pay attention, currently Google is also updating their search results. It’s no wonder that we often see changes in search results on Google for a keyword.

This periodic algorithm update is one of the reasons the blog / website position in Google’s SERP changes.

But don’t worry, if you have good, informative, original, up to date content , and your site has a good website structure, this Algorithm change will not really affect the position of your blog / website on Google.

2. Articles are not up to date

Have you experienced, your website content disappears from the main page and is replaced with content from other websites?

This is still related to the Google algorithm which is always up to date .

Even evergreen content will experience this because other websites are creating content that is on the same topic as yours, and maybe even better.

Pay attention to other website content on Google for the keywords you are aiming for. Look at the date of publication, and compare the content to yours.

If your content turns out to be better than other website content, then you only need to fix it a little, for example, fix the typo words , then republish the article.

Next, re-promote the content. For example, share on social media, add internal links to the article, or add a few backlinks.

However, if the content turns out to be far less than the content on other websites, then you must remodel the article to make it better. How to fix it? Well, please be creative and imitate the way competitors’ webs do.

3. Google Honeymoon Ends

This Google Honeymoon phenomenon is a moment where a new blog / website suddenly ranks very well on the Google search engine , even reaching the top 5 in a short time.

It looks like Google is giving new websites an opportunity to get traffic. SEO practitioners call this a testing period, while Google continues to update the data until it finally ranks the website at a more appropriate level.

However, this has its time. I don’t know for sure how long this Google Honeymoon period lasts . Some say the period is only 24-48 hours, but others report this period can be longer.

When the Google Honeymoon ends, the position of the blog / website is no longer visible on the main Google search page.

I don’t know why Google calls it the Google honeymoon , but this phenomenon can make us happy at first and eventually swoon because our SERP blog / website has moved to a position that is not reachable to potential visitors.

The solution, you return to point 2. Be patient, because SEO is never as simple as we think.

4. Effects Of Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox is a penalty imposed by Google on websites that violate Google search engine standards .

And the ones that experience it the most are sites that carry out SPAM activities, both internally and externally.

When a blog / website has entered the Google Sandbox, the blog / website does not appear in Google search results. Imagine the effect it would have on online businesses if our site experienced the Google Sandbox.

Business websites in America are very much affected by this Google Sandbox. As for Indonesian language sites, I have never experienced it, but one of my blogs in English has experienced it.

Yup, maybe at that time I violated the TOS of the Google search engine.

To return a site hit by Google Sandbox back to the Google search page is not something easy, and it will definitely take a long time.

Although many webmasters have managed to get their site back on the ‘right path’ , the process and effort is quite a lot.

Usually the webmaster of the site that is subject to this penalty makes several attempts, such as; fix old content for the better, build backlinks from authority sites, remove spam links, improve web structure, and so on.

Will these efforts be successful? Only time can answer that!

5. Websites Containing Malware

This is one of the sophistication of the Google search engine, they can find out that a blog / website contains malware or code / script that is harmful to visitors.

The Google search engine will warn potential visitors that the website contains dangerous malware, and the prospective visitor certainly doesn’t want to take the risk of opening a site that is harmful to his computer.

Sites that contain malware will have a bad reputation, both from search engines and users. In the end this site will be ‘thrown’ from the search page on Google.

As a website owner, we must be careful when entering files into our hosting because based on my experience, there are several files that can be infiltrated by malware which turns out to be the ones that we entered ourselves.

Example; someone once gave me Premium Themes for free, then I installed them on my website.

Not long after, I got an email from Google that there was a dangerous script on my site, and after I checked it turned out that in the themes I got it was planted with a malicious script.

That’s Creepy heh?

6. Copying Website Content from Other Sources

This is what fake bloggers do very often hehehe. Even a skilled COPASER will not be able to avoid the effects of copying other people’s content completely.

If you want to be serious about making a good blog, never copy other people’s content!

We have often read that Google really likes new, original, and useful content for readers of that content. And Google will penalize blogs that contain a lot of copy-and-copy articles from other websites.

The activity of copying content from other sources without giving credit to the original content creator is very annoying.

In my opinion they are just like thieves!

Frankly speaking, the content on this blog is not only from the results of my own thoughts but also from the results of reading several other references that I think can be trusted, from the experiences of others who can be trusted, and also from personal experience.

I often write the same topics as other websites but with a different grammar than the original content, and this method is still acceptable. This practice is known as paraphrasing or rewrite (rewriting).

If we want to have a blog that people like and search engines like for a long time, we recommend starting now to learn to build our own content.

Be your self, be original!


Those are some of the causes of blog / website ranking to drop in the Google SERP. Now, pay attention to your website and do an analysis to find out roughly what causes your web ranking to drop.

As a side note, this article is not meant to patronize the reader. I just want to share the knowledge I get from personal experience as well as the experiences of others.

If there is input and additional information about the causes of blog rankings to drop on Google, I will be very grateful for the information you provide.

Please share your experience in the comments column. Thank you for sharing and reading this article.