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Causes of Unconscious Asymmetrical Faces

Causes of Unconscious Asymmetrical Faces

Pay attention to your face in the mirror or after a selfie. Sometimes you may notice that there are some parts of the face that are misaligned or asymmetrical.
You may notice that one eye may be slightly lower than the other, or that your chin is too tilted, or the tip of your chin is tilted to the right or the left.

Almost everyone has a degree of asymmetry in his own face. This condition is actually normal, but in some cases, facial asymmetry can be caused by daily habits or be a sign of serious illness.

Here are some causes of facial asymmetry:

1. Genetic disorders

Reporting from Medical News Today , asymmetrical faces can be caused by genetic factors. Parents with asymmetrical faces are more likely to give birth to children with similar characteristics.

Asymmetric features due to genetics are usually not problematic and do not require medical attention. But there are health disorders due to genetic factors that should be watched out for, such as cleft lip.

2. Aging

A 2018 study involving 200 volunteers showed an association between age and the level of facial asymmetry. In fact, this is a natural part of aging.

Bone stops growing after puberty, while cartilage continues to grow. As a result, a person’s ears and nose will continue to grow and cause facial changes.

3. Lifestyle

Reported by Healthline , lifestyle can also be a cause of facial asymmetry. Some trivial habits that make the face asymmetrical like sleeping on your stomach so that the face also supports body weight. Besides supporting your face with your hands for a long time, sleeping on your left or right side can make the contours of your face change.

A study in 2014 said that smoking is also one of the causes of facial asymmetry. In addition, excessive exposure to UV rays also causes damage to the face, causing it to be less symmetrical.

4. Dental care

Dental care can cause changes in facial contours that cause the face to be asymmetrical.

Using dentures, dental veneers, or braces can change the shape of your jaw. Tooth extraction also causes facial muscles to appear, making them asymmetrical.

5. Injury

Injury to your face from a hard impact can cause your face to become asymmetrical.
Trauma from an accident, impact of a hard object, or from surgery to the face, can cause deformities that make it asymmetrical.

6. Stroke

If your face suddenly becomes asymmetrical, you should immediately consult a doctor. Especially if you suddenly experience severe headaches, difficulty speaking, and partial facial numbness.

The above symptoms are a sign that someone has had a stroke. Stroke can occur when there is reduced blood flow to the brain. As a result, the face can suddenly become asymmetrical.

7. Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is a paralysis of the facial nerve, this condition makes one part of your face droop so that it is asymmetrical. One side of the face may be unable to move and experience complete paralysis.

It is not yet known why someone develops partial facial paralysis. However, some possible causes are trauma, complications of serious illness, or infection.

8. Torticollis

Torticollis is a condition in which your neck is bent due to abnormal neck muscles. As a result, the head will tilt slightly.

Sometimes, torticollis has occurred since the baby was in the womb. This causes the baby’s face to grow asymmetrical.

Visual impairment can also cause you to tilt your head to see more clearly. If done continuously, your muscles will grow stronger on only one side, this causes your face to become asymmetrical.

Torticollis cases are temporary and go away on their own. However, check with your doctor in order to get the right treatment.


Asymmetrical faces usually do not require any medical treatment or intervention. Especially if the asymmetry is caused by genetic factors or aging.
If it is caused by your lifestyle, you can try sleeping on your back, so that your face is not crushed by your body. You can also try quitting smoking, and avoid the habit of supporting your chin with one arm.

In some cases, asymmetrical facial features can be unique. However, if you feel insecure, there are several medical procedures you can perform. Some of them are fillers or implant surgery on certain parts of the face, Botox, thread implantation, or plastic surgery to create a symmetrical face.

The use of cosmetics can also help disguise asymmetrical facial features. Several makeup techniques such as contouring and eyeliner can help create a symmetrical facial appearance.