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Celine Dion Beauty Secrets, Skin Care Only Three Steps

Celine Dion

Celine Dion believes that every woman has secrets, including for skin care. That’s why he doesn’t share too many details about his skin care

But, the 53-year-old singer finally opened a little secret about her skin beauty. Reporting from Women’s Health, this is Celine Dion’s beauty routine.

1. Three simple steps of skin care

In an interview with This Morning, Celine said she follows three skin care steps , namely cleaning the face, moisturizing in the morning and evening, and cleaning the makeup products used. Since she is sweating on stage, she always makes sure to clean her makeup brushes regularly so as not to damage her skin.

2. Choosing oil-based makeup

She also admits that she uses oil-based make-up when she is on stage so that if she sweats or cries it won’t mess up her makeup. The only makeup products are concealer, foundation, contouring, and powder.

3. Hair tricks to tighten the face

“I’ll do my hair in a bun or on top of my head so that the skin on my face is slightly lifted. So it makes it look like it rises,” she shared.

4. She is confident without makeup

When asked by This Morning if she is confident without makeup, she replied, “Yes, but sometimes my party isn’t sure. Not all of them but some of them will say ‘maybe you want to put some makeup on.'”

5. He believes in the benefits of a humidifier

During a three-year stint at Caesars Palace in 2002, MSN reported that Celine asked the hotel to put a $ 2 million humidifier on stage to keep her singing voice in the harsh desert climate. Yes, it is for the sound but it also benefits the skin.

6. Beauty is more than appearance

To Us Weekly in 2019, Celine Dion shared her thoughts on beauty and self-confidence. “Maybe you are not on stage, or on TV, but we all have a voice. Because we are worthy. We have dreams,” he said. “Feeling beautiful makes you feel strong. And feeling strong makes you successful.”