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Coping with Business During a Pandemic, Here Are the Steps!

Business During a Pandemic

The existence of the Covid-19 virus that started in the city of Wuhan, China, which at first was considered a joke by some people, turned out to be able to cause an uproar in world. It is not only the health world that is under strong pressure due to the existence of this virus, various lines have had a very bad impact, including the economic sector. That’s why getting around business during a pandemic is very important.

In the theory of natural selection, the changes that occur in nature will be found that the living ones are not the most physically strong, not the most intelligent. But those who are able to survive are those who have the ability to adapt to circumstances. Likewise with business.

The existence of a pandemic detected at the end of 2019 was able to quickly hit various sectors of the economy in several countries. It is not uncommon for this to happen because of this mass layoffs and sluggishness in various economic sectors. Business challenges like this cannot be predicted quickly and precisely because it is typical of the Covid-19 virus whose spread cannot be controlled.

Getting around business during a pandemic can be done in various stages. By maintaining your ith business properly, your business will get through this pandemic with a lighter blow. And of course this is done carefully and requires careful planning.

1. Study the Situation

If you study the situation carefully, not all businesses will be adversely affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Just look at the various health businesses ranging from selling masks to health supplements, they have actually benefited greatly from this pandemic. In addition, sales of sanitary materials as well as herbal medicines also increased sharply. That means not all businesses will be neglected by this pandemic.

Observe the situation and be prepared to look for existing business opportunities. Actually what they are doing is changing the existing ‘theme’ to deal with this pandemic. However, not all can survive simply by changing the ‘theme’. It takes more radical and complex steps to get around this. There are even some who are truly stagnant.

You need to research further, whether your business belongs to the category of business that is truly stagnant due to this pandemic. If it is possible to make adjustments to stay afloat, then adjust them immediately.

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Many cosmetic companies are experiencing a decline in demand and reversing in their business. They produce various hand washing soaps to get around the pandemic. In addition to ensuring that the company continues to run, they are also meeting the skyrocketing demand for hand soap.

2. Secure Important Assets

Secure yourself, your family, staff and company assets if the pressure becomes heavier. The thing that needs to be done is to communicate the condition of the company with people you trust. What someone often forgets is that the loyalty of subordinates is a very valuable asset.

Before the company is run and takes contracts with various parties including employees, the force majeure scheme has of course been thought and planned. Make an order of priority scale for rescue. Simplification can be done to save on company operating expenses.

The concept of work from home can be a ‘reason’ for simplifying job giving. To save expenses, you can cut transportation allowances, meal allowances and other expenses. Make sure the work controls are running properly and correctly. Working from home without controlling work properly will increase the burden on the company.

The worst thing is to ‘amputate’ some parts with the aim of making cost savings effectively. But of course this will be hard. Even so, you can actually deactivate certain parts for a specified period of time while reviewing the future economic situation. Maintain parties or staff who have high loyalty to the company.

3. Take advantage of existing assets

When the company has been running with everything that has been simplified, then continue with maximum effort. With the available resources, of course the performance will be heavy. That’s why when simplifying the company, leave the best assets, leave the best resources so that when the available resources are required to run fast, they will be more able to adjust. That is the importance of prioritizing the assets saved.

4. Ensure Clients Remain Loyal

Clients who have been entrusting their business to you may think twice about extending their cooperation if they experience economic difficulties themselves. Actually it is not a big problem if they leave you for a while. Because it is estimated that this pandemic will end. The problem is when the client actually leaves you.

To overcome this, you are really required to cultivate communication with customers. Make them have hope for a better future. The step is to increase the trust of your company in the eyes of clients. You can provide content sharing features during a pandemic, be it health content or business content or business tips when the outbreak is rampant.

With a continuous relationship, it is hoped that communication will continue and the client will not leave. For now, don’t think about getting the benefits of working with clients. It is enough to maintain good relationships with existing clients with minimal sacrifice.

5. Don’t Stop Offering

The existence of a pandemic has made the demand for certain goods decrease, as a result of which income has decreased and its impact on the sustainability of the company. For now, the company just standing still is enough. So that in the future, when the company returns to normal, the company will run again as usual.

Even though people’s purchasing power has decreased, it’s a good idea to keep making offers as usual. However, with some modifications that are adjusted to the conditions of the community as a market share. You can provide some sort of discount program during a pandemic, special discounts for female workers and families or for customers who have experienced the impact of the pandemic directly.

Currently, many companies are competing to hold a kind of ‘charity program’ along with their marketing programs. If this were possible then all the better. But again you have to take advantage of limited resources. Choose reliable personnel in this program, as the saying goes:

‘If you want to go fast then do it yourself, and if you want to go far do it together’. This adage is very suitable to be applied to superior programs to face a pandemic. Move around with people who share your vision.

With limited personnel but having high fighting power, it will make your movement easier compared to many people who are difficult to control and don’t focus.

6. Select And Maximize Alternative Paths

Alternative roads must be maximized immediately. This alternative path includes various sections. Both in terms of marketing, production, distribution or service. When people spend a lot of time at home, you can maximize your marketing in the digital world. You can maximize advertising on social media where currently people who stay at their homes are more likely to log in to their social media accounts. Likewise with the distribution of goods to consumers. You can use a courier service or set up a direct division between the goods, but this will need to add resources.