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Create a Calm Old Age with 5 Types of Businesses After Retirement


Check out the types of post-retirement businesses you can do in old age

Busy working in your youth? You may be used to seeing this in everyday life. Yes, youth is indeed a triumphant period at work, whether someone is an employee or an entrepreneur. With energy and enthusiasm that is still burning, being active every day is not a difficult thing for a calmer and more secure old age. 

Even though youth is synonymous with work, it is not impossible that you will continue to do it in your old age. Apart from still earning income and maintaining the rupiah coffers you have, you will also stay in shape because your body and mind are still actively used. One of the suitable jobs in old age is to open a business after retiring. What are some business inspirations that can be done? Here’s the discussion!

1. Opened a property business

Opening a property business has been a recipe from time to time in adding rupiah coffers to your wallet. The secret, of course, is that property values ​​will always increase over time. You will certainly get a big profit. If you have an unoccupied building, creating a home rental business can be a solution for your future. The house / rent rental business is now starting to be loved by many people. Without losing buildings and land, you can still get a stable income. Taking good care, your building will have a plus in the eyes of the tenants. With this post-retirement business, even though you are no longer working, there is still a significant income.

Even though it looks promising, it does require a large amount of capital to open a business after retirement on this one. There is no need to worry, now there are various ways to get a building either with a mortgage or other system. If you are not yet interested in owning your own property, it is also possible to become a third party / seller.


Have a hobby of caring for plants? If the plants that used to only sweeten your home page and were sometimes neglected due to the busyness of the office, in your old age, you can actually make it a source of income!

Planting vegetables is one of the after-retirement businesses that you can do. Besides being easy, growing vegetables does not take a long time to grow. That way, growing vegetables in the yard will be very easy to care for. But if you don’t have a sufficient yard, using the second floor of the house can be a solution.

3. Farming business

In addition to crops, you can do livestock business after you pass retirement. After retirement, for example, farming capital will not cost a lot of money, so you don’t have to worry about funding. You can raise ducks or chickens that are not difficult to handle. This business can be run by making / buying a house behind the yard of the house. Then, buy a hen or duck with a male so that it can breed quickly.

4. Insurance investment

The next post-retirement business is investment insurance, which can guarantee old age. As early as possible you have to make a decision to plan it, because it will have a big impact on your life in the future. So even though you have no income, you still have holding money. That way after you retire from the company, your old age will be guaranteed