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CULINARY TOUR IN KOREA, Indulge Your Tongue In Korea.


If you are going to go on a trip to Korea, don’t forget to have a culinary tour there. Surely your vacation will not be complete if you don’t miss a culinary tour there. Here are some of the culinary delights that you can enjoy as much as possible when you travel to Korea.


Jajangmyeon is a famous noodle culinary in Korea. This culinary originates from Beijing but has a different taste from Korea. In Beijing it’s served with pork, while in Korea it’s seafood. However, this food is better known in Korea.
This culinary has several variants such as, ganjajangmyeon and samseon jajangmyeon. The ingredients for making this kulier noodle are from wheat flour, while the sauce is from black soybean paste


Kimbap is an inexpensive folk food made from simple ingredients. This one culinary is almost similar to sushi in Japan. Made from rice, meat and vegetables that are rolled and cut to the size of one meal. The contents of kimbab also vary from fish, crabs, beef ribs and so on. This one culinary is perfect for taking a picnic. However, the origin of kimbab is not yet known. There are those who think it was adapted from Japanese sushi, but there are those who think that it has been around since the Joseon Dynasty but was named Bokssam.


Maybe you will be familiar with this culinary. Yes, this culinary is a type of flour fried chicken culinary. Even in Indonesia there are many sellers of flour fried chicken. However, it is different in Indonesia. This flour fried chicken is served with beer. And the taste is also not the same as the fried chicken in Indonesia, yes, of course every country has its own distinctive taste.


One more noodle culinary from Korea, namely Naengmyeong. This one culinary is perfect during summer. Naengmyeong originated from North Korea but is popular in South Korea. There are two variants of Naengmyeon, namely Pyeongyang Naengmyeon which is cold soup and Hamheung Naengmyeon which does not only mix with sweet spicy sauce. The delicacy of Naengmyeong depends on the broth.

Dak Galbi

Dak Galbi is a spicy stir-fried chicken culinary. This culinary delicacy is becoming known in Indonesia, and is very popular in South Korea. Dak Galbi is a local food of Chuncheon City. The chicken in this dish is boxed and then added with gochujang sauce, cabbage, green onion, tteok (rice cake) and others. This culinary is usually served with a large plate that is placed in the middle of the table, so you can enjoy it together.


This culinary delicacy is one of the legendary culinary delights in Korea. As it is a must, every dish to be eaten must be equipped with kimchi. Where kimchi is also one of the healthiest foods in the world. Vegetables commonly used to make kimchi are chicory, radishes, and cucumber. Then the vegetables will be mixed with spices made from krill shrimp, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and red chili powder.


If you’ve ever been to Korea, you must be familiar with this food. Yes, bibimbap is mixed rice. In a bowl of bibimbap filled with rice, vegetables, meat, eggs drizzled with chili sauce. That way, it is certain that these foods are high in protein and good for health.


Tngsuyuk is flour fried meat with sweet and sour sauce. Tangsuyuk usually uses pork, but some use beef. This culinary is often enjoyed with noodle culinary in Korea. If you are Muslim, you have to be careful in choosing a restaurant that provides Tangsuyuk, because the original meat used is pork. But now many have replaced it with other meats, even mushrooms.


Tteokpoki is a very popular Korean snack, which is chewy rice cake cooked in chili sauce. This one culinary is a popular culinary delicacy and you can find it along the way in Korea. Because almost all street vendors in Korea sell this one culinary.


Seolleongtang is a culinary soup. This culinary is the most popular soup culinary in Korea. So don’t be surprised if there are many variants for Seolleongtang. One of the reasons why you should taste this culinary treat if you are visiting Korea is that the Selleongtang sauce is really delicious, because the beef bones that boil for so long produce a very kicking broth.


Even though it’s not as popular as Seolleongtang, Samgyetang also has its own place in the hearts of Koreans. Samgyetang is a culinary dish of whole chicken soup with thick sauce from Korean special spices. Whole chicken in this dish is cooked until the meat is easily removed from the bone. Usually this culinary is served with the addition of pepper, salt, and kimchi which is served on the table.


South Korean extreme food in the form of baby octopus served alive without being cooked. It may look scary to those who have never tasted it. But in fact Sannakji is quite famous in Korea. Usually sannakji is served with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and sauce to make it even more delicious. To eat Sannakji you have to chew it until it’s really soft, otherwise it can endanger your life because even though it’s cut into small pieces the tentacles are still active.


Bulgogi is thin sliced ​​meat that is soaked for a long time in spices and then cooked in a flat pan. This culinary delights will pamper the tongue because of the typical Korean spices used. It is customary for Koreans to wrap bulgogi in lettuce and then eat it.


This culinary delicacy that has existed since the Joseon dynasty is almost similar to fried vermicelli in Indonesia. The difference with Indonesian fried vermicelli is that the mixture is used more. The mixture used starts from meat, vegetables, mushrooms and others which are then given this special culinary sauce.


Pajeon is a culinary treat that almost resembles bakwan in Indonesia. The dough for making Pajeon is wheat flour, rice flour, chives, chives and other ingredients. Even though the shape is almost similar to bakwan, the taste is different. Delicious Korean flavor that won’t make you regret eating this food.


One more noodle culinary from Korea. However, these noodles are very, very spicy, so if you don’t like spicy food, please step aside a little. But if you are a lover of spicy food, you must try this culinary. The red color of the broth will make you drool. The spicy sensation from the broth coupled with seafood will give you a special experience of enjoying noodles.

Miyeok Guk

Miyeok Guk or more easily we call it seaweed soup. This culinary can be called a must-have culinary when holding parties for Koreans. This seaweed soup is made from beef bone broth and soy sauce. This soup is very good for breastfeeding mothers as it is rich in nutrients.

Budae Jigae

Budae jjigae or sub-military base. The origin of this culinary delicacy during the Korean war, many people starved because they ran out of food, finally they took advantage of the American military’s excess food supply in the form of canned meat and ham. Then cook it with spicy sauce. But now the content of this culinary dish is not only canned meat and ham, some use instant noodles, vegetables, sausages and others. So the most characteristic of this food is its spicy taste.


Mandu are Korean dumplings made from flour dough filled with Korean flavored meat. The origin of this culinary origin is from China which was included in the Goryeo dynasty. Currently, mandu has many variants of contents ranging from spiced meat, mushrooms, pumpkin and even kimchi.


Yangnyeom is a Korean-style fried chicken which has a difference with fried chicken from other countries because this fried chicken is fried twice so that it is more crispy and not greasy. Not only fried, but this fried chicken is served with Korean spicy sauce. This sauce has a savory, sweet, and spicy taste that cracks up in the mouth.


Galbi is one of the culinary delights that tourists love to visit. This culinary is Korean cuisine in the form of beef or pork which is cut into small pieces which are grilled on the table. The meat can be grilled immediately, it can also be seasoned first. It will be even more delicious if eaten with lettuce, perila, white onion, and gochujang.


Of course you are familiar with this one culinary. Yes, bungeoppang is a cake shaped like a goldfish filled with red bean paste. This cake is quite famous in Korea, even the average foreign tourist would buy it when visiting Korea. It is not difficult to get bugeoppang, because this culinary one is widely sold by street vendors in Korea.


Patbingsu is a food that is often sought after in summer in Korea. This culinary is similar to shaved ice in Indonesia, but clearly has its own unique taste for the country of ginseng. Patbingsu has many variants of toppings, but the most famous and sought after is red bean topping. To get this culinary is not difficult, because many street vendors sell it on the streets of Korea.

Jipangyi Ice Cream

Are you an ice cream lover? Now in Korea there is an ice cream culinary called Jipangyi. This culinary delicacy had become a hit Korean culinary in Indonesia. Jipangyi ice cream is uniquely shaped in contrast to cone-shaped ice cream in Indonesia. Kalua Jipangyi ice cream comes in various forms, starting in the form of sticks, hearts, spirals and many more.

Poop Bread

Poop breat is a culinary origin from Korea that initially made you curious. This culinary form resembles dirt, but you don’t need to worry because it’s just the same shape to attract attention. Poop breat is bread filled with red bean paste, chocolate, or cheese.