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Easy and Delicious Processed Fruit Drink Recipes


Easy and Delicious Processed Fruit Drink Recipes

In dry season like this, drinking fresh drinks is sure to be the choice of many people. A refreshing drink should definitely be made from fresh fruit. Drinks from processed fruit can also make us healthy. Compared to packaged cold drinks that contain a lot of artificial sugar. Well, drinks made from fruit processing do not always have a bland or unsweetened taste. Fruit drinks can also be very sweet and addictive. If you want to be more hygienic and healthy. You can make the processed fruit drink yourself. Here are recipes for easy and tasty processed fruit drinks that can be used as a simple iftar menu .

  1. Ice Mix Jackfruit

This first fruit-processed drink has a lot of fans. Jackfruit has a delicious sweet and tantalizing aroma. Jackfruit is also abundant in Indonesia. you can buy it at the traditional market. The ingredients that you can prepare to make ice mixed with jackfruit are thick sweetened, granulated sugar, jackfruit, fro, and young coconut.

The way to make it is to prepare the mixed ice filling first. You slice the jackfruit, and then back it into medium portions. After that the young coconut is shredded thin or long. You can use a spoon if the coconut is still bad to scrape it up. After that, prepare a solution of white sugar and add sweetened condensed milk. Then enter all the filling including the numbers. Put in the refrigerator or put ice cubes.

  1. Ice Cocktail

The next fruit processed drink has a very delicious sweet and sour taste. The fruits you use are young papaya, jicama and pineapple. You also prepare sugar and lemon some fruit. Also prepare pineapple flavored syrup.

This ice cocktail used to be at weddings. Well, the way to make it is by slicing the fruit into small cubes. After that, prepare the sugar solution and add the pineapple flavored syrup. Add lemon too. Mix well. Next add all the fruit. Enter the refrigerator to make it fresher.

  1. Fruit Soda Drink

Soft drinks can be an option if you like soft drinks. But to add to the sensation, you can add fruit in it. You can prepare kiwi fruit or also strawberries. You also prepare mint leaves to make it more delicious. Also prepare sugar. don’t forget to drink soft drinks that are clear like sprites.

What you do is boil just a little hot water. Then put it in a glass that has been given a little sugar. Mix well and put the sprite in the glass. Cut the strawberries or kiwifruit into 2 or 3 parts. Then you put the mint leaves in it. Stir a little to taste more fruit.

  1. Fruit Juice With Yogurt

This next fruit processed drink can be a fresh drink option during the day. The ingredients you need are strawberries, mangoes, and dragon fruit. Next, you also prepare yogurt and honey.

Freeze the strawberries and dragon fruit first in the freezer. Next, you blend frozen dragon fruit and frozen strawberries with honey. Then add enough mango and yogurt. After that, blend again until everything is mixed. Then you serve it in a glass. You can add mint leaves on top for added aesthetics and a refreshing taste.