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Easy Ways to Healthy Body with Vegetable and Fruit Juices

Easy Ways to Healthy Body

Easy Ways to Healthy Body with Vegetable and Fruit Juices, Nutrition from nutritious food is one of the important factors to keep the body fit and healthyEasy and Delicious Processed Fruit Drink Recipes, in addition to exercise and adequate rest. However, the matter of managing this meal is often more difficult than other endeavors. Because many foods are much more tempting than healthy foods, such as junk food or sweet foods.

In fact, launching the Health Line, eating 231 grams of vegetables or a combination of 500 grams of fruit and vegetables per day can help reduce the risk of heart disease and prolong life. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends consuming a minimum of 400 grams of fruit and vegetables per day (excluding potatoes and other starchy tubers).

It aims for the prevention of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity, as well as for the prevention and alleviation of some micronutrient deficiencies. However, the problem is, not everyone likes to eat vegetables and fruit, especially children. Eating 400 grams of fruit and vegetables is not as easy as imagined. We can consume it by eating it directly, cooking it, or making it juice .

However, if the process is not correct, the nutrients contained can fade away. Well, there is one effective way to consume these fruits and vegetables, namely cold press juice . Cold press juice is different from juice in general. The process uses a high-pressure pressing technique, which aims to preserve the nutrition of vegetables and fruit.

To make it, we need to know the right way and combination so that the results are useful. “Because there are vegetables and fruits that are contradictory when combined into juice,” said dr. Benny Parulian, Head of Medical Research, Nakedpress, a local cold press juice brand . “One of them is pineapple which contains enzymes that can damage and disrupt the nutritional structure of other vegetables. This makes vitamins and minerals to a minimum,” he said.

To avoid such a mistake, Nakedpress is based on a trusted medical journal, with natural ingredients, without preservatives and other additives. According to Dr. Benny, in one 330 ml bottle of Nakedpress the equivalent of 500 grams of vegetables and fruit. Then towards the fasting month, Nakedpress issued a fasting package to be consumed during sahur and iftar, aiming to make it easier for us to overcome the problem of vegetable and fruit intake.

In addition, detox during fasting accompanied by consuming fruits and vegetables makes our stomachs get used to it, thereby reducing the desire to eat unhealthy foods. “Our bodies will later make a new habit that it needs fruit and vegetable intake, no longer greasy, micin-filled foods and the like,” said dr. Benny.

This change can be done through a process, where we need to fast for about a week to two weeks, to clean things that are not good in the body. Dewi Kusuma, Founder and CEO of Nakedpress added that consuming juiced fruits and vegetables is the right choice to make our digestion easier. It can be said that consuming fruits and vegetables with cold press juice is quite effective in nourishing our bodies and avoiding various diseases.