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Google Search Results Turns Out Mostly Clickable


It is undeniable that Google Search has become a reference for almost all internet users around the world to find information about anything. However, the way people get information on Google Search has changed somewhat.

Launching from Sparktoro, which collects data from SimilarWeb , currently many Google searchers don’t click on the search results that are displayed. SimilarWeb analyzed approximately 5.1 trillion Google search results throughout 2020 from more than 100 million mobile and desktop devices.

Of the 5.1 trillion searches, only 33.59 percent were clicked organically ( organic click-through-rate / CTR), while 1.59 percent of total searches were paid clicks ( paid CTR). Then, how about the rest? The rest, or 64.82 percent, are zero-click searches, aka search results that are not clicked to go to another web. This amount is approximately 2/3 of total Google searches.

Percentage of CTR in Google Search Search Results, where most search results are not clicked on by searchers. (Sparktoro)

On desktop devices that include laptops and tablets, the percentage of organic CTR is higher, namely 50.75 percent, while paid CTR is only 2.78 percent. The portion for zero-click searches is also quite large, reaching 46.48 percent.

Meanwhile, on mobile, zero-click searches have the highest percentage, at 77.22 percent. Meanwhile, organic CTR is only 21.99 percent, and paid CTR is 0.79 percent. Looking at the difference between zero-click searches above, it seems that Google is doing quite well in improving the search experience on mobile devices.

The number of zero-click searches in 2020 is the highest. There is no further explanation about the cause. However, it is possible that this is related to Google’s experiment that limits the Snippet feature in the first quarter of 2021 which will soon be over.

To note, snippets are a Google Search feature that will display snippets of article content that appear on Google search results pages ( search engine result page / SERP).

Usually, in these pieces the information based on the query entered by the user is answered briefly and is considered the most solution. Usually, the articles cited for Snippets are the top search results articles.

The increasing number of zero-click searches is a cause for concern for website owners. This is because visits to their website are in danger of decreasing. See Photos Percentage of CTR comparison on Google Search in 2018-2020. (Sparktoro) Still from the Sparktoro report summarized by KompasTekno , Saturday (27/3/2021), in the last three years the number of searches on Google has continued to increase.

However, the number of zero-click searches has also gone up. Even in 2020, the number of zero-click searches will be the largest. One possibility is that during the pandemic, many people have switched from their laptops to their smartphones , where the percentage of zero-click searches is huge on mobile devices.