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How to buy cheap hosting that you need to know, don’t choose the wrong one


How to buy cheap hosting that you need to know, don’t choose the wrong choice, Digital marketing is one of the online marketing strategies in the digital era. To market products digitally, a website is required. It needs to be understood and known that the website can run and be active with the services of a hosting.

Besides we have to know the ins and outs of digital marketing, we also have to learn how hosting is too. So that in the future, if there is a disturbance on the website, at least you will not understand and master the hosting. The following will explain the understanding, services and how to buy cheap hosting .

Definition of Hosting

Hosting is a storage / container to accommodate all the files of a website. Through this hosting, our website can be accessed smoothly, safely and easily. Files that can be stored in this hosting include, among others, website scripts, photos, databases, videos, emails, and so on.


This hosting has a very important role in a website. The best hosting is hosting that can be accessed quickly, easily and does not often down. Just imagine if our website often goes down, then visitors who come to our website will also decrease, resulting in a decrease in our business income. That is why business people who do marketing through online at least know the ins and outs of hosting even if it’s a little for the smooth running of their business.

Do not let the concept of a website that has been designed as well as possible will be destroyed just because the hosting is not good.

Pay attention to hosting services

Currently, many providers sell hosting ranging from the lowest prices to the expensive ones. It’s just that we have to be careful about the services offered by the hosting provider so that after we subscribe we get the best service from the hosting provider. Before stepping into how to buy cheap hosting, we better need to understand what services we should pay attention to in choosing the best hosting provider.

Here are the services that we must examine before buying a hosting for a certain period of time:

  1. Uptime Value

It is very important to pay attention to the uptime value of a hosting server from the provider. This uptime value is how much time the hosting remains online in a certain amount of time, it can be in a matter of weeks, months or years. Recommended Look for a server uptime value of at least 95.5%. Because the smaller the uptime value of a hosting, the more frequent downtime of a server is. Because the uptime value is what determines the smooth access of our website.

Try to ask the hosting provider, what is the uptime value of the hosting server it has. Choose a hosting that has an optimal uptime value so that your website can be visited for 24 continuously without any downtime.

  1. Upgrade Options

It is highly recommended to choose a hosting service that provides service upgrades. If one day our hosting quota exceeds the limit then we can upgrade our hosting service to an even bigger quota. We better ask before we upgrade hosting.

  1. Warranty

Before buying hosting, at least consider also providing a warranty for the hosting it offers. Guarantee provides a guarantee for us when making a hosting purchase. Before buying hosting, make sure to provide a warranty or not.

Currently, many hosting providers provide hosting guarantees. Some provide 7 days warranty, some are 1 month and some even provide 3 months warranty. If within the specified warranty period the hosting provided cannot be accessed, then we can ask for a money back guarantee or other guarantee given.

  1. Price Considerations

You need to consider this one point to get access to a website. You must check the price of buying hosting. Consider the Selling Price and the Price for a hosting extension. It will be more profitable if we get a discounted price at the beginning of the hosting purchase. Look for the hosting provider that provides the best discount for you.

How to Buy Cheap Hosting

In today’s digital era, getting a hosting provider is not that difficult. There are many hosting providers both in Indonesia and abroad. How to buy cheap hosting is easier and done quickly. Here are some tips you need to do:

  1. Choose the right and trusted hosting provider for your website
  2. Choose a package that suits your website’s needs and desires.
  3. Usually, after choosing a package you will be directed to the domain configuration for hosting that will be used. If you don’t have a domain, you can also order the domain.
  4. After that appears the amount of fees that must be paid, enter the promo code if you have a promo code to get a price discount.
  5. Then you will be directed to fill in the completeness of the data for your hosting needs.
  6. After that, an invoice will appear along with how to pay for hosting.
  7. Make a payment via a bank account or other payment method.
  8. After that, take a photo of the proof of transfer and send it to the provider to confirm payment.
  9. After the payment is checked and received by the hosting provider, your hosting will be active.

Each hosting provider has different rules for hosting it. Make sure you first read the terms of the hosting services provided. Do not let your hosting be suspended because it violates the hosting terms made.

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That’s the guide on how to buy cheap hosting, hopefully it’s useful.