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How to make a mobile version of a WordPress website / blog with WPTouch Pro


We know that smartphone users in world are increasing, and the number of this increase looks very significant. The ease of accessing the internet via smart phones makes most people interested in owning these mobile devices.

Not only to access social media and email, smartphone users also often open content from website / blog pages to read the information there. Well, for wordpress website owners , you must provide a mobile version for your site.

The jikim2.com website is currently using the WP Touch Pro 3 plugin to create a mobile version. I bought this plugin from the site www.wptouch.com for $ 49 for a single license.

Actually this plugin is available in a free version, namely WP Touch, which we can download from the respective WP Admin Dashboard, and I’ve been using the free version for a few months.

However, I saw many advantages of the paid version, so I decided to buy the version. For those of you who want the free version, please download it HERE .

In this article, I will explain how I can create a mobile version of a WordPress website / blog using WPTouch Pro.

1. The process of installing the WP Touch Pro Plugin

After processing the order and paying, the developer will send the plugin to your email by sending a download link. The files you receive will be zipped.

After successfully downloading, the next step is to install it into your WordPress via your WP dashboard page, then upload the WP Touch Pro plugin.

2. WP Touch Pro Plugin Settings

After the plugin is successfully installed and activated, the next step is to create your mobile version of the website / blog settings.

On the left side of the WordPress dashboard page we will see a link to enter the WP Touch page, please click on that link.

A. Core Settings

On this page we can make some core settings, including entering the site title, setting regionalization for the language, setting the display mode, and several other settings. You can adjust according to what you want.

B. Themes & Extensions

In this page we will see several theme options for the mobile site. You can choose the one that best matches your site.

We uses the CMS theme from WP Touch Pro for its mobile version. On the extension page we can see some additional features of WP Touch Pro, such as Infinity Cache to help speed up website load, Responsive images to improve image quality on mobile sites, and Mobile content.

Unfortunately I can’t use this feature because I have to upgrade my WPTouch Pro license. Click the “Save Changes” button to save your settings.

C. CMS Theme Settings

On this page we can manage many things, such as adjusting the amount of content that appears on the homepage, setting the number of related article links on a single post, adjusting slides, adjusting the theme colors and site pages, inserting our website logo, adding social media links, adding scripts or ad code, and other settings.

The setup process is very easy, we don’t have to understand complicated html code. Click the “Save Changes” button to save your settings.

D. Menu Settings

On this page we can adjust the appearance of the menus and pages as we expect. In the theme I use (CMS), there are 2 menu options, namely the main menu and the alternative menu.

We can control which pages are included in each menu, I chose pages for the alternative menu and category for the main menu. Click the “Save Changes” button to save your settings.

What are the advantages of WP Touch Pro with the Free Version?

Basically, the WPTouch Pro settings are almost the same as the free version, but the paid version has several advantages such as;

  • More themes choices with a more attractive appearance
  • We can make arrangements that are more profound and according to our wishes
  • You can add Adsense ads or other mobile ads
  • And several other advantages

For those of you who are not ready to buy the paid version, you can try the free version first to help visitors accessing your website / blog from a smartphone.

Sites that don’t have a mobile version will be more difficult to access from a smartphone, besides that the full site display will look small on a smartphone.

If you are serious about building a site for business, I highly recommend you to make the mobile version because in the future there will be more visitors to your site from smartphones.