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Normal Weight Loss Calculator for Pregnant Women

Body Mass Index

Through the use of a normal weight gain calculator for pregnant women , mothers can find out how much weight they should be. Therefore, even weight gain can be done properly. That way, there will be no malnutrition for mothers and children. In addition, it can also be used to prevent pregnant women from obesity after giving birth.

Based on this, a calculator for weight gain for pregnant women is very much needed. The reason is, it can be used as a reference regarding proper weight gain. Hence, it functions during pregnancy and after childbirth. Mothers will not be overweight after giving birth by knowing their ideal body weight. How do you calculate it? As follows:

1. Use This Formula

To classify whether the mother has a normal weight or not during pregnancy, there is a formula that can be used to calculate. Which is known as the BMI (Body Mass Index) formula. You can calculate it yourself through this normal weight gain calculator for pregnant women.

The trick, namely by dividing body weight by the square of the height. For height, the unit used is meters. Mathematically, it can be written as BMI = BW: (TB x TB). For example, a mother who is 165 cm tall, weighs 55kg. Thus, the BMI figure obtained by the mother is 55: (1.65 x 1.65) = 20.2. Furthermore, the mother only needs to classify the BWI figure. In other words, put it in which group.

2. Obtained BMI is below 18.5

Pregnant women who have a BMI below 18.5 indicate that the mother is underweight. Knowing this, it would be nice to gain weight by eating regularly. The ideal weight gain for mothers with a BMI of less than 18.5 during pregnancy is 12 to 18 kg.

3. Obtained a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9

If, after using a calculator for a pregnant woman’s weight gain, a normal weight gain is obtained by a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9, the pregnant woman’s weight is considered ideal. The ideal weight gain until giving birth is from 11kg to 16kg.

It is better if the mother does not increase body weight drastically. Can also be balanced with exercise to stay healthy.

4. Mother’s BMI 25 to 29.9

In the mother category, it means that the mother is overweight or overweight. Therefore, the ideal weight gain during pregnancy is 7 kg to 11 kg. It would be nice to exercise regularly so that mothers can reach their ideal body weight. Apart from that, eating regularly is also necessary. In that case, don’t overdo it when you eat.

5. BMi More than 30

Mothers who fall into the BMI classification over 30 are obese. Therefore, the ideal weight gain is 5kg to 9kg. Facing this condition, mothers are advised to go on a diet. However, do not let the baby in the womb lack intake.

In the previous section, we described how to calculate the body mass index (BMI) or ideal mother’s weight and its classification. Through this calculator for pregnant women to gain normal weight, the mother can reach the ideal body weight. This causes the baby not to be malnourished.

Therefore, babies can grow optimally in the womb. His body was healthy and strong. For the mother herself, of course, with the ideal weight of the mother, she will not experience excessive weakness during pregnancy and childbirth. Hopefully the delivery process can go smoothly as expected. When the mother is healthy, the baby will be healthy too.