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Profile of Mark Zuckerberg, The King of Social Media, Founder of Facebook


Mark Zuckerberg . One of the technology leaders who are quite phenomenal in the world. At their young age, Zuck is like a social media king who controls the three most popular social networks, namely Facebook , Instagram and WhatsApp . Starting with Facebook in 2004, Zuck’s social networking empire has taken a hit. In 2012, Facebook Inc acquired Instagram and then annexed WhatsApp in 2014. Today, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp each have hundreds of millions to billions of users worldwide. Regardless of the business, Zuck’s own figure is quite attractive.

This man, who is used to wearing a plain gray shirt and jeans, looks simple even though he is rich in wealth. So, what was Mark Zuckerberg like and how did he start the social networking empire Facebook Inc.? Learn programming from dad Mark Elliot Zuckerberg or better known as Mark Zuckerberg, was born in White Plains, New York, United States, May 14, 1984. Zuck grew up in a village called Dobbs Ferry with his parents Edward Zcukerberg and Karen. Her father is a dentist who opens a clinic at home, while her mother is a psychiatrist. Zuck is the first child and has three younger siblings, namely Randi, Donna, and Arielle. In the social environment, the Zuck family belongs to a fairly prosperous and educated family. His love for programming began in the 1990s. At that time, Zuck’s father taught him ATARI BASIC Programming when Zuck was only 11 years old. Seeing his son’s interest in computers, Edward called in a private tutor named David Newman, a software developer , to teach Zuck once a week at their home.

Zuck’s abilities are growing. At the age of 12 or 13, he created a messaging program using Atari BASIC called “Zucknet”. The program was then used by his father in his dental clinic. With Zucknet, the receptionist can inform if there is a new patient without screaming for the doctor. Zucknet is also used by the Zuckerberg family to communicate with each other. Not just a messaging program. Zuck admits that at a young age, he used to make computer games to have fun with his friends. “I have a lot of artist friends. They go to the house, draw, and I’ll make a game out of it,” Zuckerbrg said in an interview. Famous in high school During high school, Zuck moved Oldsley High School to the special preparatory school Phillip Exeter Academy, one of the top schools in New York. According to the confessions of some of Zuck’s close friends in high school, he was not a bookworm, but rather well-known in school. He excels in several exact fields such as mathematics, astronomy, physics, and literature, especially Greece. In his application when applying for college, Zuck claims to master French, Hebrew, Latin, and ancient Greek.

Zuck was also the captain of the fencing team at his school at the time. During high school, Zuck worked at a company called the Intelligent Media Group to create a music software which was later named Synapse Media Player. The software uses machine learning to read user behavior. Synapse Media Player is then uploaded to a site called Slashdot and is ranked 3 out of 5 by technology magazine PC Magazine. As it turns out, Synapse has caught the attention of big tech companies like AOL and Microsoft. They were interested in buying the software and offered Zuck to join before graduating from school. However, this offer was rejected by Zuckerberg. Often make software on campus.

Often make software on campus

After graduating high school in 2002, Zuck continued his undergraduate studies at Harvard University majoring in psychology and computer science. In college, Zuck continued to explore his abilities in the software field . He helped build his reputation as a software developer on campus. At the beginning of college, Zuck created a program called CourseMatch.

This program is semi-social networking, where students can choose their class based on other students’ choice of courses. This program can also be used to help them to work in groups or study together. Not only that, this man with curly hair has also created another program based on a social network called Facemash. Facemash was made by Zuck with his fellow student, Arie Hasit.

In an interview, Hasit shared that in their dormitory, there is a book called Face Book. It contains a list of names and photos of all the people living in the student dormitory. Hasit said, Facemash was made just for fun. The way Facemash works is by juxtaposing two photos of different students of the same gender. “Visitors (Facemash) can choose who is more attractive and from the votes given, they will be ranked,” explained Hasit compiled from Haaretz. Unexpectedly, Facemash was so quick to attract attention. At the end of the week the website traffic soars. However, one Sunday, the campus closed access to the Facemash site. That’s because Facemash’s popularity overwhelmed one of the internet networks at Harvard. Not only the campus, many other Harvard students protested because their photos were posted on Facemash without permission. Zuck also apologized. Creating Facebook in student dormitories

When creating Facemash, Zuck was also invited by some of his friends, namely Divya Narendra and the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to create a social networking site called Harvard Connection. This site was designed to use information from the Harvard student network to create an online dating site for college students. Zuck had helped the project, but soon he resigned from the team and chose to work on his own project, namely The Facebook . At the beginning of its creation, precisely in 2004, Thefacebook was located at “thefacebook.com”. The idea for the Facebook site is said to have originated from Zuckerberg High School, which has a special directory for students containing photos and addresses like a school memorial book.

The directory is called Photo Address Book which is often called The Facebook by students there. Zuck is assisted by several of his other dorm friends, namely Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin. The Facebook allows its users to create their own profile, upload photos, and communicate with other users, as is the basic use of Facebook today. This site ran from their campus dormitory until June 2004. Initially, The Facebook only operated in the vicinity of Harvard. Gradually, its operations expanded to other Ivy League campuses, such as Columbia University, New York University, Dartnford, Dartmouth, Yale, and many others. Opt out for Facebook During the summer vacation, Zuckerberg et al. went to Palo Alto in Silicon Valley. There, they rented a small house that was used as an office. Zuck originally intended to return to Harvard to continue his studies, but that intention was discouraged. Zuck never returned to Harvard. He decided to  drop out and settle in Palo Alto to develop The Facebook. In that technology city, Zuck met Peter Thiel, who later became an early investor in The Facebook. There are also other investors, namely Accel Partners, who disbursed funds of 12.7 million US dollars in 2005, although access to The Facebook is still limited in certain campuses. Other investors then followed suit to provide fresh funds so that access to The Facebook was even wider, targeting high schools and other international schools. As of December 2005, The Facebook users reached 5.5 million. Several large companies such as Yahoo and MTV Network began to look to The Facebook for acquisition

He chose to develop The Facebook himself, add more features, and open his project to outside developers. Not only are they interested in buying, there are also many companies that are interested in placing advertisements on The Facebook.

Since its creation in 2004, The Facebook, which later changed its name to Facebook , has become the largest social network in the world. In 2012, Facebook took the floor on the stock exchange ( initial public offering / IPO) on the NASDAQ exchange in New York with the code “FB”. At that time, Facebook shares began to be sold to investors at an initial price of US $ 38 per share, then rose to US $ 42 just hours after the IPO was opened. The value of the company crept up to 104.2 billion US dollars and revenue of around 16 billion US dollars. With this figure, Facebook’s IPO is listed as the highest IPO of internet companies in history and has made Facebook one of the richest companies in the US. Apart from Zuckerberg, several investors are also the majority shareholders, namely Accel Partners, Digitak Sky Technologies, Microsfot, and Bono, the vocalist of the Irish band U2. When taking the floor on the stock exchange, Facebook users at that time only reached 900 million and continues to grow to reach 2.4 billion users today. Married boyfriend on campus Zuckerberg’s happiness continues after the IPO. On May 19, 2012, just the day after the IPO, Zuck proposed to his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan at the age of 28. Chan is a Chinese-American woman and has been dating Zuck since studying at the Harvard campus.

Unlike Zuck who chose to drop out of campus, Chan continued his studies in biology and graduated in 2007, then continued to major in medicine until graduating in 2012. Even more special, Chan graduated on the 28th birthday of his lover. Both are known to be very closed with their private lives. In fact, Chan and Zuck’s friends thought the invitation sent to them that day was to celebrate Chan’s graduation and Facebook’s IPO, but it turned out to be a wedding.

Currently, Chan and Zuck have two daughters, August and Max Zuckerberg. Problematic but many users Facebook’s journey is inseparable from problems and controversies. One of the most phenomenal is probably the user data leak scandal in the Cambridge Analytica case that broke out in 2018.

The social media “empire” led by Zuckerberg, which is in charge of Instagram and WhatsApp, is often said to be too powerful and should be regulated more tightly. These various problems and scandals have come and gone, and calls to leave Facebook have been echoed over and over again.

However, in fact, until now the number of social media users belonging to Zuckerberg is still large and tends to grow, while competitors such as Google Plus are growing.

Zuckerberg’s wealth has now reached 103.3 billion US dollars and ranks third as the richest person in the world. In 2015, when their first daughter was born, Zuck and his wife donated 99 percent of their stake in Facebook to charity. The couple also founded a foundation called the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. In 2013, Zuckerberg was appointed by Fortune magazine as the youngest CEO at that time, when he was 29 years old. For academic matters, Zuck dropped out of Harvard in 2005. But finally he graduated with an honorary degree or Honoris Causa in 2017 which was given by his former campus.