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Reasons for the Importance of Cleaning Service


Cleaning service or janitor has an important role as the person responsible for the cleanliness of the workplace environment. It is a big responsibility where the cleaning service must always ensure and maintain that the workspace throughout the office is clean before employees do their work.

Especially in times of pandemic like now where cleanliness is the most important thing that needs to be maintained and considered. So this certainly makes cleaning services have to work even more in doing their job.

Cleaning service personnel are usually provided by outsourcing service providers in Jakarta . Before being transferred to the companies that use outsourcing service providers in Jakarta, the cleaning officers are trained with all the knowledge of the applicable cleaning SOPs. The training is not only about the practice, but also provides theories to cleaning service candidates who will be distributed later.

The current SOP for cleanliness is different from what used to be because of the pandemic we are currently experiencing, but in general it is still the same. The only difference lies in the disinfection activities that have to be carried out by cleaning personnel every day.

Disinfection activities are the process of applying or spraying disinfectants to sterilize a place or surface of inanimate objects. Where this process aims to kill bacteria or viruses that may stick to the surface of inanimate objects in the office.

However, it is certain that the application of disinfectants does not affect living things. On the work of cleaning cleaning services using modern equipment. This modern equipment is useful to help carry out cleaning activities so that it is more effective and efficient. So that the cleaning process can run faster with good quality.

The importance of cleaning services makes companies selective in determining reliable outsourcing services to help maintain cleanliness in the workplace environment.


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