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The Difference in Sales and Marketing that You Should Know

The Difference in Sales and Marketing

For some people, of course you don’t understand what the difference between sales and marketing is, maybe some of these people will think that these two things have the same meaning, namely selling products. But in reality, sales and marketing are very different.

Sales is an activity that is only focused on selling a product and aims to increase product sales only. Meanwhile, marketing is the entire system in a business activity that aims to plan a product, fix prices, determine how to promote and distribute goods aimed at satisfying customers.

From this understanding, it can be seen that the marketing process is indeed longer and more complex when you compare it to the sales process. In the marketing strategy, there is the term 4P, and it is not uncommon for some people to add up to 7P.

The term consists of “product, price, place, promotion, process, people, and physical evidence”. However, sales is only part of one of the terms in marketing, namely “promotion”. Therefore, sales activities do not pay attention to other factors besides “promotion” which can support business marketing.

Sales and Marketing Differences

In order to better understand the differences in a comprehensive manner, here is a complete review of some of the differences between sales and marketing.

1. Strategy

In a marketing strategy , marketers or marketers will always try to maintain the image of the product so that customers can quickly decide to buy one of the products offered or sold because they already know the quality and brand of the product.

While the sales strategy is that they don’t really care about how to maintain the image of the brand, but they are more focused on how they offer products to their target market by informing them of what the advantages of the product are so that consumers can be interested in buying their products.

What is even more interesting is that the salesman never thinks about whether the customer feels satisfied or not, the most important thing for the salesman is that the product sells well and can meet the sales target set by the company.

2. Relationships with Customers

Another difference between the two is that the relationship between sales and customers is limited to the process of buying and selling transactions, the rest is that sales are no longer responsible for maintaining good or long-term relationships with customers.

On the other hand, the relationship between marketing and customers must be maintained from the process before making a transaction to after making a transaction in order to maintain consumer loyalty to the company or business.

A company will not be successful in winning market competition if it only relies on sales. However, good sales will not be created if it is not supported by the right strategy.

A company can certainly make sales, but a company may not be able to plan a marketing strategy that satisfies the needs and desires of its customers.

3. Work Process

The next difference in sales and marketing can be seen from the work process. The sales team will face the consumer directly. Sales can come directly to the location of a potential customer or buyer, contact by telephone, and can also meet at an event or activity.

In some types of companies, even the sales team has to take a different approach and treatment for each customer because the work process is a direct activity. In order for the sales team to make sales, there is a marketing team that performs market analysis, including identifying consumer needs.

The difference between sales and marketing is that the marketing team prepares tools and concepts that will make customers look for goods and products that have been prepared. Meanwhile, the sales team is in charge of serving these prospective customers so that the products can be sold.

The marketing team needs to re-imagine products that have been successfully sold in the market before, how to promote them, and the advantages of previous products in order to be able to design strategies that will be used when marketing the product.

4. Scope of Work

The workspace and duration can also illustrate the difference in sales and marketing. The sales team’s work tends to be short term while the marketing team is certainly longer term because they have to maintain relationships and build harmonious relationships with business partners and vendors related to product marketing.

The scope of marketing work includes market research, public relations, and customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, the scope of the sales team’s job is to convince prospective customers to continue to feel the need for the products you sell.

5. Priority and Function

In terms of work priorities, differences in sales and marketing can be seen from the target activities. Marketing priorities are getting consumers, reaching consumers and building good relationships so that they are loyal. If you have a lot of customers or customers, your company’s revenue will also increase.

The function of sales is to serve consumers and help them get the product they are looking for. From the priorities and functions of both, it can be concluded that actually sales and marketing are two activities that are interrelated and synergized.

6. Purpose

The next very noticeable difference is regarding its purpose. In marketing or marketing, the team must maintain the product or company brand image. So that the consumer’s decision to buy a product is because he knows the quality or brand of the product.

Meanwhile, in the sales or sales field, maintaining the brand is not important. The sales goal is that the company’s products are sold and the sales targets that have been set are met.

7. Work Activities and Targets

Goals or targets are also one of the difference factors that you need to know before choosing one of these areas. The difference demands different types of workers. With marketing activities that are partly behind the scenes, those of you who like to analyze have enough opportunities in this field.

For those of you who like to deal directly with customers and don’t hesitate to be friendly at all times with prospective clients or customers, then joining the sales team will further hone your potential.

Work as Sales as well as Marketing

From some of the differences that have been described, of course you can get an idea of ​​how these two fields or divisions do have different roles and tasks.

When salespeople focus more on strategies to get revenue directly and are oriented to the current situation, marketers create strategies so that information and company branding reach the target audience, so that products and other marketing activities can last longer in the market.

So, from the differences related to responsibilities and all the work, being a marketer and salesperson at the same time will take much more time and energy.

This is a review of some of the differences in sales and marketing that you need to know. Companies will not be successful if they only rely on sales, because sales will not be created without good marketing.

Therefore, in order for the company to continue to grow, it requires proper planning and management, whether related to production, marketing, sales, finance and so on. Hope this information is useful for you.