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Tips on Care and Cleaning of Cast Iron Bathroom Sinks


The sink is not only used in the kitchen for washing dishes, but the use of the sink is also often used in the bathroom. Good maintenance on the sink in the bathroom will enhance the appearance and avoid unwanted events.

Bathroom sink
Bathroom Sink

One of them is clogged drains. therefore care and cleaning of the sink is very important so as not to hinder your activities in the bathroom.

How to care and clean for each type of sink is different. Because the material for each type of sink is different. If you have a cast iron bathroom sink , here are some tips for maintaining and cleaning this type of sink that can help you keep your sink clean.

Following are the care and cleaning of a cast iron sink:

  1. Rinse thoroughly and use a soft cloth to wipe dry product after use.
  2. For the rare occurrence of stubborn stains, use an abrasive cleaner sparingly.
  3. Do not use steel wool, wire brushes or abrasive sponge pads.
  4. Be careful not to leave the dye in contact with the enamel surface for a long time.
  5. Do not store open cleaning containers or chemicals such as acids, bleach, sodium chloride, lye, toilet cleaners, drain cleaners, or harsh water stain cleaning products under your sink.

Those are some sink care and cleaning tips that you can do. The maintenance and cleaning effectiveness of the sink depends on factors such as the hardness and temperature of the water, the use of the correct measuring ingredients, changes in the cleaning formula and the condition of the product being cleaned.

Because there are variations in these factors. To avoid stubborn stains, do regular maintenance and cleaning. To keep your bathroom sink clean and beautiful.

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