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Top Ranking on Page 1 of Google is Easy, But How?


How do you become top ranking on page 1 of Google easily and quickly? This is a topic of discussion that is always hot among SEO players around the world.

For some people, even their website entering page # 1 of Google is very happy. Especially if the website can be in the top ranking position on page 1 of Google, it must feel like a world-class SEO whiz.

But is there really a way for our website to be in the top Google ranking? In theory, there is a way, and you don’t need to be an SEO expert because everyone can manipulate their site so that their site is in the top Google ranking. But there are terms and conditions that apply, we will explain later.

Being Top Ranking on Page 1 Google It’s Easy

If the goal is just to make a web page number 1 on Google, it’s very easy. Really you know! But the question then is, are there any search for the terms in Google’s # 1 position?

Ok, so it’s not wordy, here is how to be top ranking on page 1 of Google according to my version. These methods are very simple but have proven successful, please try (note: I created this article based on a dialogue with someone):

1. Choose keywords that are rarely searched for

Someone: “You know it’s weird, don’t we have to look for keywords that have a lot of searches to get a lot of traffic?”
Me: “The target is to let the website page into Google’s top 1, even though the search for these keywords is rare”

Someone: “Keywords that are rarely searched don’t always mean easy competition”
Me: “Yes, but generally keywords that are rarely typed have minimal competitors so that our web pages can easily and quickly become champions in Google.”

Someone: “What if I want to aim for a keyword that many searchers don’t care about even though the competition is tough. Or I want to use a keyword that searches a lot and the competition is easy, can my website still be in the top 1 of Google? “
Me: “Yes, but there are terms and conditions: don’t expect the process to be easy and fast!”

If you want to be top ranking on page one of Google with keywords that search a lot, then you have to be prepared for the competition, which is usually quite heavy. Even though there are keywords that are much sought after and easy to compete with, you still have to do your research and this will take a long process.

2. Popularize Own Keyword

Someone: “You know it’s weird, it’s not like we have to use organic keywords that people commonly use to search on Google. Kog popularized his own keywords? This Sampean wants to fool me, huh? “
Me: “You know, the target is to make the website Top Ranking on Page 1 of Google easily and quickly. After all, creating and popularizing your own keywords doesn’t mean that no one will type them on Google “

For most people, maybe creating and popularizing their own keywords is something that is impossible or considered useless. However, for some people who have eaten a lot of online marketing, this method has proven successful.

One example of a keyword popularized by a website owner is ” Stop Dreaming Start Action “. If you start learning internet marketing around the 2009s, you will know about this keyword. The keyword “Stop Dreaming Start Action” was first popularized by Joko Susilo, one of the pioneers in the development of internet marketing in Indonesia.

Another example, one of the keywords that Maxmanroe.com coined and popularized about 2-3 years ago is ” Find me the dumbest kid “. Initially no one looked for it on Google, but after being popularized through an article and going viral on social media, the keyword was widely typed on Google and included in the keyword recommendation list.

The process is quite simple, create a unique keyword that is relevant to your business. These keywords can be something inspiring, intriguing (click bait) , eccentric, or even a company name. Furthermore, publish on social media that is easily viral (FB group, FB Fan page, FB Ads, etc.), if necessary. After a while the keywords that you create will begin to be typed by people on Google. See for yourself.

3. Creating Quality Content

Someone: “I see there are a lot of websites with poor content and short ones that can be ranked number one in Google. There are even web pages without content that can be in the 1st position of Google. It means that quality content doesn’t have to be, because content is mediocre or even without content can rank # 1 on Google. “
Me: “In theory, pages without content can be engineered to be in Google’s # 1 position. It happens because Google works based on optimized keywords on the page. However, it usually doesn’t take long, aka temporary because Google always updates their search results. After all, if you want to rank websites for a keyword, why without content? Is it just for styling? Don’t waste time on useless things like that, bro, it’s not useful for you and it’s not useful for others “

The mistake of SEOs in the past was too focused on ranking, without seeing the quality of the content of a website page. Indeed, a website without content can be in the # 1 position on Google, but what are the benefits, and most likely it will not last long. See for yourself.

4. Applying the Basic Principles of SEO

Someone: “What are the basic principles of SEO?”
Me: “We briefly discussed the basic principles of SEO, can be read in the article  3 Main Elements in Website SEO “.

So, the bottom line of implementing basic SEO includes:

  1. Keywords (according to points #1 and #2 above)
  2. On page optimization
  3. Off page optimization

From the above explanation, we can conclude that in theory to optimize a website page so that it becomes top ranking on page 1 of Google is actually easy. Let’s see for yourself 🙂