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Watch Videos from TikTok and IG Live “Googling”, No Need to Open Applications


Google is reportedly testing a new feature on its search engine that allows users to search for short video content from TikTok and Instagram .

If this new feature is realized, users can just googling to view TikTok and Instagram video content without the hassle of opening the two services’ application.

The form is in the form of “Short Video” on the Google Discover display. Google presents “Short Videos” with scrolling preview view ( carousel ) in Google Discover.

In the Short Video highlight , the content that appears is a collection of short videos made from the TikTok and Instagram applications. On this special page, users can see various TikTok and Instagram content that can be explored by scrolling the screen to the left.

As compiled by KompasTekno from Techcrunch , Thursday (31/12/2020), TikTok and Instagram content will be embedded in Google’s Accelerated Mobile Platform (AMP) to optimize the mobile web. In the future, not only videos from TikTok and Instagram that can be watched live. That way, users only need to enter what video keywords to search for, then Google will display search results via the Short Video page.

However, this Short Video feature is still in the testing phase, Google also has not explained in detail what kind of video criteria can be displayed on that page. If true, Google said that this feature will be available on a limited basis for a limited number of users, both on mobile and desktop platforms.