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Why the Mars Desert is Blue

Why the Mars Desert is Blue

The United States space agency, NASA , released images of the desert on the planet Mars showing some areas in blue.
The image was taken using a special infrared camera aboard the Mars orbiter, Odyssey. The image was released for the first time on Thursday (8/4).

NASA explained that the blue desert photo was a false color, meaning that the color in the image represented the temperature on the surface of Mars. The cooler the surface temperature, the blue image will be used.

The blue color represents the temperature in a cold temperature area, while the yellow and orange color represents the warm area that gets sunlight.

The image shows the dunes covering the north polar cap of the planet Mars. In that region temperatures can reach as low as minus 150 Celsius.

The scene in color is a composite shot taken from December 2002 to November 2004 by Odyssey.

NASA says the dunes actually represent an area of ​​30 meters wide. However, it was revealed that the location is equivalent to the territory of Texas, the US which is the second largest state with an area of ​​approximately 695,662 square kilometers.

NASA says the dune images are a series of images marking Odyssey’s 20th anniversary. The Mars spacecraft made by NASA was recorded to have worked the longest in history.

According to The Independent , the robotic spacecraft was sent into orbit in April 2001, and has been taking pictures of Mars since it was in orbit.

Launching Business Insider , Odyssey uses thermals to circle Mars to detect hills of water and ice on the planet. Odyssey also helped NASA scientists select the ideal location to deploy the Perseverance rover in February 2012.